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I strongly believe in my heart that if you are reading this now it’s because you’ve been divinely guided here whether it be for deep soul healing ‘Spiritual Guidance ’or to simply stumble across a word that resonates with you and activates you into looking deeper into who you are as a soul.



 Angels are currently appearing on earth in masses at this critical time in the earths evolution ‘Spiritual Awakening ‘Ascension’ and they’re here to help us heal ourselves and our planet, They’re helping us to remember who we are as powerful light beings and are awakening us to help us remember why we are here and what  our life  purpose is .

My name is Charleen Anna Louise and I was selected by the angels and spirit way before I incarnated here at this time in fact I spent many lifetimes preparing for this moment ,My mission is to help spread the message and connect you to the Angelic Realm and bring you and you guides together .

I’ve helped many people connect with angels and their spirit guides and shown them how to receive inspiring messages ‘healing and guidance.

I also work on activating other Light workers’ Starseeds’ Earth Angels ‘Fairy Element’s .

“>Many of you are coming close to awakening to who you are and your mission on earth and it could be something as simple as an energy block that keeps you stuck or past life trauma , or maybe just one word from me could activate your memory.

My life purpose and passion is to help you take your Angelic work to higher Levels for the good of yourself and the greater good of all those on earth you will serve.

So let’s change this world together with Love and Light


Please have a look around  my website and you will see lots of free information on spiritual subjects that will help you, Make sure you sign up on my mailing list on the right side of this page ,I often give free Angel Card Readings”  .You can also add me on Facebook and you will see that I have 2 face book pages to the right of this page , I have a YouTube Channel  so please subscribe for my favorite spiritual videos and recommendations  and you can also find me on twitter  , All links to the right of this page .

 I do run workshops so please see my workshop page at the top and also see my therapies’ page for what I can offer you and my Prices.

Thank you for visiting

 Love & Light


From the day I have met Charleen over a decade ago, I knew there was something very special about her. She had this zest for life, the glow in her eyes, and irresistible aura around her, you could not just walk by and not notice her inner and outer beauty. She was (and still is) very special, and I could see it straight away. I still remember the day she said to me, a good few years ago ‘you would not believe what happened, I am talking to Angels’, and I said ‘I do believe, I always knew you are being prepared for something’.


I attended Charleen’s inspirational Ascension Workshop on Saturday in London and once again I came away feeling elated with my head bursting with information. I have been all together to 3 of her workshops and I must admit this one was the most powerful, I came away with so much knowledge and the attunements were so powerful I needed to sleep through them. Charleen is a beautiful lady with an amazing ability to present to everyone in a easy understandable way,

Charlene teaches with such passion from her experiences truly from her heart , with love and grace,with down to earth normality explaining things easily for people at the beginning of their ascension path , with no judgement, realising that that we are all at different levels of growth and understanding .Charlene and WTBangles literally is a gift from God lighting the way…

If only words could articulate my feelings about this amazing workshop hosted by a marvelous teacher, the wonderful soul Charleen Anna Louise. I feel blessed and deeply grateful to the universe for having guided me to attend this brilliant and beyond expectations event. Thank you dear Charleen for transmitting the teachings with grace and pure love!


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