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Painting by Charleen Anna Louise

Arcturian Activation for power and strength



Finished your day at work again

There’s a familiar feeling!

Is this going to ever end

The me the world is teasing

The stress and the worry

Tries’ to take control of your life

Prevents you from reaching your goal

So you reach out to a friend named jack

Who keeps you in the low!


Your eyes are firmly closed

Like prison doors

But you can be free

You just need to want more

Governments play with your heart & soul

Promising security for when you get old

Telling you that you need to fight ‘work hard

But what we need to do is fight for what’s right

It’s time to open your eyes

And stand up for what you believe in


Third world countries dying in poverty

In a rich world!

The people in power in their big homes

They just don’t care


We need to stand up for what we love

Because they just don’t care

The power has now been given to us


Working 60 hours a week

Just to pay bills

Bills are growing steep

you are losing sleep

Will you ever get in control?

Maybe not

Because at the moment they’re in control

Until we stand up and fight

And bring to this world more light

You’ve got to keep on fighting

You know it deep down inside

You’ve got to open your eyes

And fight for what is right


It’s hard to find food without pollution

Monsanto’’’ it’s all about the money isn’t it!?

Years ago when the food was clean

We were healthy strong human beings

Now we have GMO’ and growth hormones

Our children don’t even stand a chance

Unless we open our eyes

And fight for what is right

It’s now about the children

The future is in our hands

You’ve got to do what is right

Time to make a stand


Factory farms

Where animals are crying

Money making objects

Do they know what they’re  doing!

We forget they are living

With a beating heart

Just like you and me they want to be free

A world full of greed

Emotions stop running

It’s all about the money

But the pain s real for me

It’s not about the money

It’s about being free

Are you with me?


People fight at war

Using guns taking drugs to survive

Gang members with tattoos

To show power in their tribe

But all they want is peace

Driven by fear and contaminated thoughts

They walk around their neighbourhood

Trying to cut someone’s life short

When really all they want is to be free

Love and Support

They’ve been taught how to fight

But what they really need

Is to fight for what is real

Which is peace?

They need to open their eyes

And open their hearts to peace


Millions of people are now coming together

We are awakening as one

It’s the ordinary people

That will take back the power

And one day soon

We will say

We have won’

Let’s stand together

Among the suffering and the pain

Let’s shine our light

Bring forth our faith

Let’s change this world

For our children’s sake

And do the right thing

Let’s join as one and let our hearts sing

For only then will it be peace on earth.




Thank you for reading my words

Blessings to all of you







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