Starseed Volunteer Poem by Charleen

starseed volunteer



A warrior I stand tall

I heard the call

Pushed through crowds of souls

Standing proud

Before the masters crown

My cells are shouting

Let me be chosen

Let me go down incarnate

Let me help turn that world around

My heart is pleading

My soul is crying

For mother earth

She’s in pain but she’s  trying

She’s fighting

Her light is dimming

But she’s still shining

And I am coming

I have been chosen

I waste no time

In incarnating

So this is what it’s like

In the reality of life

On planet earth

Which is suffering

Where I was from it seemed so bright

I had no fear when I raised my hand high

To the master with the crown

I had no idea

What was to become

Once my feet touched the ground

To feel pain from everything

This nearly tore me down

I nearly held up my white flag

So I could escape back to pure joy

Among the stars

With my star family

But I knew that this was not the case

I had signed a contract

From my heart and soul to God

My master with the crown

That I would do everything in my power

To help bring the system down

Tear down old beliefs and structures

And allow new ones to form

New ones made out of love

Grow roses instead of thorns

And to know that I can be a part of this

Illuminates my soul

Brings joy to every cell

From my head to my toes

And even though my days

Here on earth are lonely

I am grateful

That I was chosen

To assist my master with the crown

I am grateful that I volunteered

To come down.

Poem by Charleen Anna Louise










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