By Charleen Anna Louise and her spirit guide Kitchi



I wanted to write a blog about the dark night of the soul because I feel it’s one of the most important transitions that you will go through regarding ascension ‘ although not everybody will go through it I find that many are !After receiving emails from people who are spiritually awakening and doing all kinds of healing and releasing on themselves they still feel blocked and when I say blocked what I mean is that they are blocked/stuck in a very dark place ‘I know exactly what they mean because in the beginning of my awakening I had to go through the dark night of the soul!! And it wasn’t easy at all’ it felt like a dark energy was suffocating me and I saw no way out ‘but I am here to say that there is a way out so hang in there ‘

I find that many people who are spiritually awakening’ascending are going through or have been through this ‘ I also find that there’s not enough information on the internet  that’s why I thought I would write this blog  ‘ I love to bring enlightenment about the dark side of everything because this is reality’ we often get told to focus on the light ‘ meditate ‘say prayer’ affirmations and so on ‘even I teach this but reality is where there is light there is dark and many of you will experience this in some way ‘ we need to experience the dark to appreciate the light ‘ we need to love the dark so we can truly love the light are you with me?
So the dark night of the soul is where your Ego [false you] is dying and you are starting to become your true self which is divine love and that’s why we should love the dark night because it’s helping you to truly become one with all and at peace, you are starting to recognize that ego is just an illusion! This can happen at any time of your life but I find that the biggest percent of people are ascending awakening and gaining more spiritual knowledge ‘opening up and when this happens our ego wants to play! Our ego wants to fight for control ‘I have a blog about ego in more detail on my website

‘the dark night is what I feel one of the most powerful things you can experience that will help you grow spiritually and become super strong” however when we are actually going through it ‘we feel like death ‘depressed’ no hope’ no way out ‘lost and we just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and some people will commit suicide! ‘It’s a scary place to be I know!
As humans we naturally run away from anything negative the dark but what I can tell you is that if you are ascending then there’s no escape ,if you run then it will chase you’ this darkness is your friend and has surfaced for a very important reason ‘ my advice to you is stop running and face it ‘and the sooner the better , a lot of people feel as though they have failed because they have spiritually worked on themselves for months only to find themselves in this darkness but you need to show gratitude for this darkness ,when you find yourself in this place what you are actually in is transition to become more light ‘ all the pain you feel while in the dark night is your soul resurfacing emotions that you have tried to suppress for many years and even past lives! This is a big clear out for your soul and vital for ascension , this pain is showing itself for you to heal it with love ‘ while you are in this pain you feel disconnected from source unloved ‘lonely’ yet this pain you are feeling from the dark night is connecting with you and showing you love! Its allowing you to confront things and face emotions ‘ the dark night wants you to grow stronger ‘so you could say that this is like some sort of test from the universe God ‘source ‘

God has big plans for you why else would you be going through this ! a test of your strength ‘this is what ascension is all about ‘climbing up the dimensional scale and becoming one ‘ the depression that you feel is a spiritual depression’ it’s not a clinical one’ spiritual depression is where you are depressed for no reason ‘no person or situation has affected you ‘ you’ve tried everything to break out of this depression but nothing works ‘your whole life is effected by this and the more to you try to get out of the dark night run away from it the more it chases you and persists! So many emotions will surface ‘anger’frustration’self-pity’ helplessness’ shame and guilt but these emotions want you to face them not run away, they want you to love them get to know them they are trying very hard to get your attention so you need to face and accept them ‘these emotions can be healed just by acceptance and with love or by using healing methods such as the emotion code,



while going through the dark night your energy is taken by your ego! And you probably lose all interest in things ,you are resisting the inevitable I feel that many people don’t want to get out of the dark night and what I mean by this is fear! You don’t like the situation where you are but to leave the dark means letting go of a lot of suffering and pain and emotions that you have carried for many lifetimes! It means big changes ‘probably losing your identity so you will find yourself feeling stuck between the dark night and moving forward it’s a limbo feeling and not a nice one ‘but for you to ascend and get out of the dark night you have to let go and your ego will put a big fight up at this time ‘you are on the cusp! Ego is scared of you becoming the master and will throw everything it’s got your way so be prepared and be strong ,the ego wants you to surrender to it’ but the only thing you should surrender to is the light ,no matter what ego throws at you remember we should be grateful because the ego is pushing you to where you want to be which is the light ‘ ego thinks it’s clever but we are much more clever “” it’s a blessing in diquise ,the reason why you will find yourself in the dark night is because you are starting to remember what you truly are ‘ a light being of love ,


I get asked a lot about how we get out of the dark night and this all depends on you the individual ‘ are you ready for big changes ‘ are you ready to face fear to face ego’ are you ready to face your emotions and then let go ‘ the quicker you do this then the quicker you come out of it ‘the longer you resist the longer you stay in it’ I won’t sugar coat this because I know how serious this is remember I went through it ‘ letting go of addiction ‘ where we battle with ourselves which is something we love to to do , we battle with our ego every day and ego loves this! We are scared to come out of it because we are scared of the unknown! But I’m here to tell you that the unknown is Love which is your true soul ‘
The first step to getting out of the dark night is to recognize it’ to know and understand that what you are experiencing is a blessing and you are well on your way to ascending higher into the light and becoming one, this is a natural process for your soul, a spiritual detox embrace it and ride the waves and once you embrace it you will naturally speed up the process, the next step is to do nothing! Which is a very hard thing to do because ego will try to trip you up in so many way’s it will shout at you and try to bring fear to you but when we do nothing and accept it ego is basically dying ‘ you need to rest and allow the process to happen you have more power and this really show ego ‘ notice the emotions that you feel in your body and feel them and think about the thoughts you are having ‘ show them love ‘embrace them ,thank them and say goodbye ,acknowledge any thoughts that you are resisting ‘ remember resisting = persisting
I also believe that if we hold our intention in gratitude for being here on earth right now to be able to experience everything we are experiencing I believe this will help you out of the dark night ‘earth is a school these are your lessons and you are about to pass your exam so take time to embrace this dark ‘it’s your friend and a great teacher ‘without the dark you wouldn’t find the light that you are about to find! If you are in this situation right now them keep this in mind ‘ you are the light and you always have been ‘ego is the false you ‘ love is the real you ‘ embrace and face this dark time ‘don’t be scared of it ‘ you are on the cusp of something so beautiful and you will become super strong for it’ it’s a big transition it’s a rebirth a transformation but you can do it , allow your love and light to dissolve the darkness within and around you ‘ call upon Archangel Michael ‘Chamuel and Raphael to help you through it and of course your own angels and guides and God ‘ you are loved and very blessed and remember nothing lasts forever ‘ you will come out it .

Love to you all from Charleen and her spirit guide kitchi x

embrace the day



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