A message from Stress!!

By Charleen Anna Louise
Humanity is Ascending ‘spiritually awakening and instead of me just seeing pockets of people raising their frequencies I’m now seeing a collective consciousness awakening! God source is shining down on us all by the bucket load so let’s embrace this new era and plunge through whatever we have to plunge through to get to our destination ‘

I wanted to write a small piece about stress! You know that emotion that cripples us! Holds us back and makes us really sick! Stress is a word an emotion that we see as a negative thing’ it becomes part of our life as we try to hold down stressful jobs’ while paying bill’s trying to bring the children up and all while coping with various illness ‘it plagues us ‘taunts us drives us crazy until we are red in the face and our head feels like someone has taken a sledge hammer to it ‘ it’s hard to break free from stress’ which then causes depression ‘frustration’ anger and so on ‘ it’s a vicious circle but if we just stop for one second! And really dive deep into what the message could be you could actually surprise yourself knowing that stress can actually help you ‘


so let’s look at the positive sides of stress” in these times of earths ascension /global spiritual awakening we have a huge universe that is trying to get our attention’ we are all evolving our DNA is changing and we are shifting into a higher frequency ‘a higher consciousness ,you can’t stop this sorry guys ‘you can either go with it or resist it and we all know what resisting can do ! ‘ many of you are resisting but the universe knows how important it is for you to ascend as a soul so will keep nudging’ the universe God source can see your situation ‘ your stressful life with multiple jobs ‘ various illness and so on ‘and maybe just maybe that the only way for you to wake up and evolve ‘move forward is to reach a very stressful point in your life ‘to a point where you just can’t cope anymore and you feel you want to give up ! you feel as though you are being attacked by stress’ bullied by stress /you feel that the universe is against you humanity is against you when in fact it’s quite the opposite ‘ stress is making itself known in a much more aggressive way for you to take notice’ for you to look deeper into your own situation ‘the way you live your life ‘stress will cause illness for you to pay attention to your body ‘look at it like little warnings ‘ pay attention because this isn’t a joke or a game this is reality of your life that can be changed for the better ‘stress is asking you to look at what you can change? What improvements are needed ‘stress has a great reputation for guiding people into meditations and meditations then lead to you going deeper into your soul and once you are deeper in your soul this is where your spiritual path starts’ so stress is actually a friend that can change your life forever if we listen to it’ if we don’t listen to stress then be prepared for a bumpy ride through life and illness! And most importantly missing the opportunity to evolve. When we are stressed we stop! We don’t move’ we become blocked stagnant and disconnected from source ‘basically we are lost and the universe loves you enough to turn your life upside down if it means getting you started again ‘ whether it’s moving physically or mentally ‘we humans don’t survive well if we become stagnant ! So the next time you feel stressed ask yourself what changes can you make in your life and then act upon them.say thank you to stress for your lessons and break free ,






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