Our trip to the Isle of Skye 2015



I was so excited for this trip! We booked it months in advance through pure guidance from spirit ‘ me and nick had only been together 3 weeks when we booked but we both knew in our souls that this trip was a must ‘ and as the weeks passed we got to know each other more ‘fell in love ‘became inseparable ! we knew that we had done the right thing’ it had been a few years since my last travels which were in the USA & Australia and it was long overdue ‘my soul was crying out for adventure an there’s no better place than the Isle of Skye ! ( Scotland) over the weeks leading up we collected bits and pieces and I swapped my designer trainers for hiking boots ‘purchased hiking clothes and waterproofs ‘I was obviously taking my trip seriously lol’ nick even hand crafted me a beautiful hiking stick with the head of my spirit guide Kitchi to accompany me on my walks ‘

The day had finally come to pack up and say goodbye to civilization but there was one slight problem!! The day before we were meant to leave I ended up with a bladder infection which left me going to the emergency doctor and straight onto antibiotics!! This lead to panic because I was to be in a very remote place for 2 weeks! and this was a bad infection!  Not “only did I have this bladder infection I started my women cycle! Mm BAD TIMING! And not only did have this to contend with I then started with IBS!! which i have not had for a long time!  And then I had knee pain and sciatica! lol Wow could this really be happening’ I felt terrible but never the less I plodded along and set off for a 16 hour drive with nick crunched up in the car holding my tummy and looking pale’ we stopped at every rest station we could and took little naps along the way’ we finally reached our destination after getting lost a couple of times’ and getting to our destination was breath taking’ it was raining hard but we didn’t care because the views were stunning and our little cottage by the water with mountain views took my attention away from the fact that I was dealing with my body pains! this was a beautiful setting  with many species of birds ‘river birds ‘garden birds/sea birds and birds of prey ‘we thanked spirit for leading us this way ‘ the first thing that I did was spiritually cleanse every room in the cottage’ cleansing’ bringing the blue cosmic flame’ the violet flame lots of angels and God Source’ I  smudged the whole place with white sage  and set up my crystal alter ‘this was so important for me and should be for everyone’  there was one more thing to do and that was fall into bed ‘it was 3 pm the sun was shining and me and nick fell back onto the bed and that was it’ we woke around 9pm for supper and spent some time outside with our guests ( midges )  ,it was wasn’t long before we both ended up back in bed’ we needed sleep as the following day our hiking adventure begins’


We woke to the smiling sun wow very unexpected because it forecast ed heavy rain  but we are not complaining ‘we ventured off to what is called the fairy pools at coire na crèche ‘breath taking is all I can say’ it was the most beautiful place ‘a very long walk with running water  and mini waterfalls ‘big rocks that led us down a pathway and we started walking up towards the cuillins pronounced  coolins ‘ huge rocky mountains ,this was strenuous for me  but rewarding as we both sat right on the top for a few hour’s ‘the view was spectacular ‘ I spent time here connecting with spirit and mother earth and felt the energy which was so powerful ‘I really felt a sense of belonging here on earth which for me is rare!!  Kitchi (my stick was also accompanying me and I wasn’t surprised at all with the attention that my stick got! ‘We saw a beautiful little frog on our walk and we drank from the stream’ the water was so pure and clean ‘nick also took a bag with him and picked up all the rubbish that others had left behind! It wasn’t a lot but still we found some. we both decided that instead of complaining about seeing rubbish that others leave that we would start to pick it up as we go along mainly in nature ‘it feels right for us’ it was a long day so we headed back home to our cottage where it wasn’t long before I hit the sack” my body was aching but I felt alive.

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We woke up once again to the sun smiling down wow  what a great way to start our day ,once we were ready we set off to go to the Quirang ( big mountain) but on the way we stopped to look at this amazing view of the sea’ once we got there we noticed that this view was in fact a beautiful magical place ‘full of greenery everywhere’ waterfalls’ big rocks ‘ the sea ,I sat down to do a meditation  on a ledge with a huge drop leading to the beach it was truly a beautiful picture and this area felt extremely spiritual hence the reason for me wanting to do a meditation here’ and it wasn’t long before I had a connection with spirit ‘someone was touching my hand in a very physical ‘tickling the centre of my palm ’trying to get my attention so I tuned in ‘and this is when I received the message which was so beautiful’ I had a nature spirit with me showing me how important it is to protect our mother earth ‘I was told to write in my book a chapter about our mother earth and the environment’ this was a very magical moment for me ‘ I felt it in my heart chakra ‘the emotion from this spirit and then I felt the energy of mother earth herself vibrating at a high frequency ‘I could feel this in every cell in my body ‘I was then guided to  climbed down to the sea which was quite a hike’ but when we arrived at the bottom safely seeing different species of butterfly’s and bugs and birds along the way ‘ wow what a feeling’s I stood at the foot of the waterfall and could feel spirit all around me showing me ‘allowing me to see and feel the importance of my work here on earth ‘the message was loud and clear to me ‘it was a light bulb moment ‘you see ever since my awakening which was 4 years ago I haven’t traveled ‘I have just been sitting still ‘going through what I was going through spiritually and struggling with my emotions of one minute wanting to be here on earth helping and one min wanting to leave earth because of the harshness and violence of this planet but here I was with spirit showing me how beautiful our earth is and why it was important for us light workers or anyone for that matter to wake up and see it’ and how we should be protecting earth ‘cleaning up ‘my heart chakra opened wide as I felt gratitude for this special moment and I couldn’t wait to start on my new chapter ‘ we spent some time here beach combing  at Lealt Gorge ‘  just soaking up the vibe and then we  drove off to the big mountain the quirang  and this is where it got serious lol  on my body! I pushed my muscles to the limit here but well worth it’ the views were out of this world ‘we passed a place where hundreds of rabbits were living and we saw the ravens which again was a spiritual experience for nick’ he wanted to see them but we couldn’t see any so we asked spirit to bring them, we then sat in a quite spot and very soon 6 ravens came to us with a display and then flew off’ it really was magical to see.

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The following day we woke up to rain but our day was still beautiful ‘I was excited to wear my new waterproofs (I am easily pleased lol) my energy was different today! My body felt tired from the previous days walking so nick said we would do a gentle beach walk ‘thank god lol but nicks gentle beach walk was not gentle! Lol this was the day I discovered that nick was in fact a hard core hiker lol we went to this beach in a little town called elgol and the beach was made up of giant pebbles!! And Huge rocks  so we started walking towards camasunary  ‘ I also discovered that I had a fear of wobbly rocks !lol  this wasn’t funny for me ‘ each and every rock that I stepped onto could have been an ankle breaker! And then I had to climb up these huge rocks which we were slippy ‘nick was off ahead while I was hanging off rocks lol every muscle in my body was now being tested ‘could I go on? Did I want to go on? The answer to that question was no so we turned around and started to head back ‘overwhelmed at the grueling task ahead of stepping on the ankle breaking stones once again and don’t forget I am still on antibiotics for my bladder infection and other elements!  but before I started to head back I noticed a dense energy about this town! I just felt miserable and knew that this was spiritual ‘so I brought Archangel Michael and Ascended Master Germaine in to transmute lower energy and clear away anything that needed to go including earth bound souls! and within 20 minutes I felt the lift’  we finally arrive back safely  to the little town where nick rewarded me with tea and scone ‘I decided to head back to the cottage which was a further 3 hours’ drive to soak my over worked body and rest ‘and prepare myself for day 4!

We woke up at 6.30 bright and breezy and ready for our day ahead however today was to be a little calmer!! A forest walk and I walk near the sea where our cottage is ‘my body needed a good rest before we tackled the hiking again’ we spent the morning walking along the pebbled beaches (this time little pebbles!   We were beach combing for shells and drift wood and mother earth was kind to us today! We found treasures galore ‘’ beautiful shells and rocks that sparkled so bright like diamonds so I filled my pockets with these for gifts for my friends and family ‘ the drift wood was so stunning too”” me and nick are very creative and will be creating magic with our findings, the sea was a turquoise blue calm and twinkling in the sun it was just stunning in every way’  we then headed off to the forest Lochalsh house woodland garden with our hiking sticks and back packs and ventured through the forest layered with big trees and foliage ,we came to a tranquil area with a bench and a look out so beautiful’ we had our lunch here ‘ this forest was a little different ‘we both felt the energy of this place and it somehow felt as though the forest didn’t want us to be there so we tuned in spiritually and found that the spirit of the lady that owned the forest didn’t like the public to be here so I calmed her down a little ‘and did my usual thing of spiritually cleansing the area using the violet flame and blue flame ‘ just call me the trans muter ha ha ‘I came here to rest but I guess that’s not in my contract’ when you work for spirit you work for spirit ‘on the way home we spotted a pine martin which was a treat because I had never seen one.

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After a great night’s sleep we woke to find the weather warm but cloudy but this didn’t stop me and nick’ again we decided to do a gentler walk if there’s such a thing here in Skye!! We walked about 6 miles up and down hills that were rocky so it did challenge my already aching legs but I feel that I am here on the island of Skye to challenge myself and to change my health ‘my mind and spirit ‘we followed this path down the hill that reached a beach ‘ a beautiful beach ‘my kind of beach lol  no rocks ‘ I spent awhile here speaking with the spirit of the sea before tackling that hill again ‘ this walk took us much of the day so after we just headed home to rest ‘I was shattered! In fact every day since I’ve been here I am shattered but I do feel alive and it’s such a wonderful accomplishment to feel empowered this way.

Way hay’’ this morning is a very rainy day and a chance for me to wear my full waterproofs ‘ we drove about 3 hours today to a place called neast point ‘by the see next to a light house’ the views were stunning’ it was raining quite hard ‘with a misty fog ‘thick clouds rolling by so I felt quite proud of myself for tackling this kind of weather ‘ again this walk was hilly and rocky and challenged my legs but I felt powerful so kept on going ‘we walked over the beautiful rocks and finally sat on one and stared out to sea ‘it’s really important for me to connect with spirit in such an open energized space ‘I just sat there whilst the rain poured down and I loved it ‘felt free and to share this experience  with nick was just perfect ‘we then drove 3 hours back and I decided to spend the night writing ‘ I felt inspired and powered ‘and our cosy little cottage was perfect .

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The weather was heavy rain again today so we decided to stay on low ground ‘ we went to a place called GLEN SLIGACHAN which was situated between the red and black mountains ‘it was beautiful even in the rain , I had quite a spiritual experience here! The spirit of John Mackenzie came through ‘and joined us on our 6 mile hike’  you can read more about John Mackenzie here   even though this was flat land I still felt the pain in my sciatica ‘I plunged through the pain, the heavy rain and wind ‘ I felt challenged and felt powerful’.

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So here we are half way through our trip and the  weather is still wet and low cloud so again we decided to stay on low ground’ the mountains were covered in cloud and fog ,we drove to the beach corran opposite the knoy dart peninsula which was a pebble beach ,we walked along and combed the beach for goodies which we found’ nick was filling his pockets with treasures from mother earth ‘ drift wood and shells ‘rocks  feathers and so on’ we drove around for a while just inhaling the breath-taking beauty ‘ I really enjoyed today because my body was getting a rest although at one point I thought I was going to get attacked by a dog! It was a boxer and tried to rob nick for his stick’  I felt fear and this brought back a memories from when I was a child when the same type of dog bullied me and here I was getting bullied by this dog’ that little walk back from the beach to our car seemed like the green mile! And what was very interesting is that spirit came to my side! I could feel the right side of me shielded.  Anyhow I am still here to share this story so I’m happy.

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Today we woke and the sun was out yay’ we decided today was a mountain day ‘we climbed Blabhen and this was the most challenging mountain for me! It started with a beautiful walk with green shrubs flowers and  butterflies moths ‘ but as we got further up it soon became much more apparent that my steady walk was to come to an end!! It got steeper ‘and then it got even steeper!!! I had sciatica and my legs hurt but I plodded along and made it to the coire ‘it started to rain here so I togged up and it was just beautiful ‘the fog came in ‘here we were standing 30 minutes from the actual summit and the fog came in thick ‘it truly was a magical moment ‘I couldn’t believe that I actually made it up ‘we walked 10 mile’s today and my body knew it’

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I really felt guided to go back to the quirang  I felt most drawn to this mountain’ we walked further this time’ we saw a golden eagle ‘ I found a tiny cute feather after asking for a big eagle one ‘I am sure spirit were having a laugh’ ‘ we had a display from the ravens ‘again! The views were stunning ‘trying to walk and look at the views was really hard work for me’ cliff drops are dangerous!!lol  we also stopped at a view point just before the mountain which overlooked the sea ‘my body was now telling me that I needed rest so the last few days we decided to rest our bodies’ we walked along the coral beach’ we then spent time at the cottage which was wonderful ‘listening to the bees and bugs and sound of birds and the sheep’cows’the gentle sound of the wind and the water as it flowed’ just beautiful’ on the last night I found this very powerful!! I sat on my own near the water’s edge and spoke with Great Spirit ‘and I felt my reply I then spoke with mother earth’ and then my galactic family’ I had a very intense emotional experience!! It felt as though the past two weeks had been a lesson and tonight I graduated’ I had finally found a reason to plant my feet firmly into mother earth ‘I finally felt as though I belonged and that my mission was more important than I first realized ‘ I thanked mother earth for her teaching’s ‘I felt extremely emotional at this moment ‘ I could feel my star family who also were emotional at the fact that I finally felt at home here on earth ‘I spent a few moments in silence with gratitude for my lessons ‘my experience’ and now I am ready for my next challenges .

Thank you all for following my Journey in Skye Love & Light to you all x

Charleen & Nick

Please listen to my words about my experience with Mother Earth by clicking the link’s below






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