THE ORKNEYS [Scotland]

From 5th to the 12th August 2016

  By Charleen Anna Louise

14054234_838164189654580_8272850410021557943_n Inside Cuween Tomb


Wow where do I begin! me and my partner Nick have had such a wonderful experience going back in time 5000 years! I feel so lucky to have been taken to a place that nick has already traveled but loved it so much he just had to go back and this time with me ‘  if you like archaeology then stick with me and have a read and allow us to show you something wonderful’ I do like archaeology but I didn’t know just how much until I spent time on the Orkneys in Scotland ‘I went with an open mind and a desire to learn and see something new and as someone that works for spirit I knew that I was being guided to go for a reason  which made me even more interested.

The Orkneys are a group of island’s north of  Scotland known for their remoteness and archaeology and changeable weather! This I found out!  We left the UK on Friday the 5th august late afternoon and arrived at the Orkneys the following morning with only a one hour rest! That’s a lot of driving’ around 16 hours , we decided on no bed and breakfasts and no campsites’ we would live and travel in our Renault van which had a bed in the back’  because we arrived at night time on the sat ‘we just parked up by the sea and went to sleep , Sunday morning we started our day with posh coffee in my cafetiere and had breakfast ‘cleaned up in the public toilets and we went to the “TOMB OF THE EAGLES” after we were pulled out of the sand by a tractor!!  Yes we actually did get stuck in the sand which brought a few laughs to start off the day.   Tomb of the eagles is a Neolithic burial chamber dating back 5000 years ‘we first had a look at some of the finds which included humans sculls ‘bones and other items before walking through open fields to see a bronze age site which was some sort of ancient sauna ‘after this we walked by the cliff edge next to the sea towards where the tomb was ,there was something really magical in this walk, the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks with great views and as we got closer to the tomb I could feel the energy of peace and love’  a feeling that I was not expecting at all’ has I got closer I noticed a small tunnel which was the entrance leading into the tomb which was built into the rocks, [ here is a video of me coming out from the tomb  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T9g9FILDJs


before I could think about it, I found myself laid back on a board on wheels and I was pulling myself along with the rope above me into the tomb ‘we were alone and this gave me a chance to tune into the energy ‘ it was beautiful inside and as I tuned in ‘I found myself feeling the love from the ancestors and the peace ‘ the peace was that no spirits were actually connected’stuck’earthbound or in trauma’ this tomb held over 27 human bodies and all of them had passed into spirit with ease, they also found over 20 eagle talons along with the bodies ‘  it is said that these people worshiped the birds and they would leave out the body to be de fleshed by the eagle before putting the bones into the tomb ‘ DE fleshing the body was very important 5000 years ago ,we spent awhile here before heading to the next tomb which was called “CUWEEN TOMB”

13907065_834069440064055_177996000212306050_nCuween Tomb

on the mainland not far from a place called Kirkwall ,we had to walk up a big hill and it was a windy day, the setting for the tomb was just beautiful and I loved the energy of this place’ you may think it is strange of me to say that I love the energy of tombs but if you were inside one then you would understand what I mean about total peace ‘harmony’ balance and love ‘honor and respect that these people had for their loved ones and pets’ this tomb had over 20 human skulls found along with bone and the bones of 24 dogs ,we spent awhile here and then sat on the grass outside just thinking about the people all those years ago carrying there dead up that hill! And through a little tunnel.   I was tired thinking about it and was ready to go home to our van ‘we found a lovely spot to camp by the sea and headed back for the night.

Monday morning we woke up to extreme winds! And I really do mean extreme ‘we could not leave our van so we decided to stay inside where it was safe and just rest ‘not the easiest thing to do !to stay inside a small van with no windows all day and all night’ with just a mad dash for the loo when needed ‘I didn’t waste my day ‘I spent my time reading and then went to sleep around 8pm praying that Tuesday  would be better’  which it was the wind was still up but not as powerful so we headed off to another tomb which was called “TOMB OF THE OTTERS “5500 years old ,this tomb was not excavated and still held the bodies of over 200 humans which included adults children and babies ‘I crawled through the slim tunnel and once inside I tuned in to the energy which I thought would be powerful considering the bodies were still there but once again I found true peace and every one of the souls had crossed to their rightful place with love ‘I am beginning to understand now just how much these people 5000 years ago truly understood about spirit and how important it was to make sure the soul crossed into the light ‘ we have no photos of this tomb out of respect .

After leaving this tomb we then drove to “SKARA BRAE


which is a Neolithic village on the mainland this village is 5000 years old ‘this was set right next to the sea and was just stunning’ my first thought was how they lived so close together and how cosy their homes were ‘ each home had beds and a dog bed! A fire pit in the middle and storage space and a dresser all made out of stone ‘this was the new stone age ‘everything that these people made were from stone’ bones and animal furs ‘they hadn’t discovered metals yet ‘I actually felt at home here and could easily set up camp in one of these homes ‘as an intuitive medium I just felt although I was between worlds! I could see the people ‘the fires ‘hear the drums laughter and feel the love of community ‘something we have lost! I was now starting to see why spirit had led me to the Orkneys and that was to see how the people 5000 years ago lived and worked together something that we may have to do in the very near future!.

After spending time in the 5000 year old village we walked around a nearby house called the  skaill house circa 1800 which is a big time difference ‘the house belonged the the owner of the land where they found the Neolithic village ‘ I have to be very honest with you and tell you that walking around this house left me feeling flat! Every room I entered I felt unsettled ‘why?  Because this house was filled with people who were ruled by ego ‘greed’ pain’ these were not spiritual people in the sense that I am or the people 5000 years ago was ‘I felt the whole thing and left.

We finished our wonderful day by spending time in a place called yesnby which was by the sea cliffs with stunning views out to the ocean.


Wednesday  morning we woke up to the sun but still windy and it wasn’t very warm which made it slightly difficult in the van to manoeuvre  around but we managed, I made use of the sun and went along the beach collecting shells before heading off to a pace called STENNESS CIRCLE


‘I had only ever known about Stonehenge so to come across other stone circles that were 1000 years older than Stonehenge was great, around where the stones were they were also small Neolithic homes and a temple of great importance for those times  called BARN HOUSE  see my video here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUpLexUEYGo

We then went to see a big archaeological dig at a place called NESS OF BRODGAR

the village that they were still digging was 5000 years old but they have also recently found another village or town underneath this one which is 7000 years old [ Mesolithic ] so there’s still so much to learn from this site ,we also went to the stone circle called RING OF BRODGAR ‘so much energy from this day .

Thursday we caught a boat across to an island called ROUSEY ,it was raining and rather cold so I had my waterproofs on and all wrapped up ‘love being on the sea we spent the day visiting tombs one was called BLACK HAMMER TOMB ‘ another called KNOWE OF YARSO and another called TAVEASOE TUICK ,we then went to most biggest one which was called MIDHOWE  which we had to do quite a trek to get to’ right next to the ocean and alongside other ruins from the iron age dating back 2000 years ‘I was tuning into so many energies and for a moment I forgot what time period I was in! we caught the boat back to the main island and had an early night’ I was feeling damp and really would of loved a long hot bath ‘ did I mention that it was day 6 and I had not had a shower or washed my hair’ good old baby wipes .

Friday was wet windy and cold but we still plodded along ‘we went into a town called KIRKWALL and looked around ‘ended up in a café having a coffee ‘before heading off to a rather large tomb called MAES HOWE 5000 years old!  inside this tomb was evidence that the Vikings had being in because they had wrote all over the insides ‘VIKING GRAFFITI! Some say that they had to take shelter inside because of a storm and some say they went inside to rob’ I would say both, lovely respectful Vikings!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and collecting shells along the windy beach,


Spirit showed me what we have lost as a human race ‘how far apart we have become ‘how disconnected we are from our neighbors ‘how disrespectful  we have become ‘how greedy’ how ignorant humanity has become and how lost we have become from source and ourselves’ spirit of the land [Orkneys] spoke to me over the 7 days and very clearly ‘they showed me that 5000 years ago and before that how  they honored spirit ‘ everything that they did was guided by a higher thing ‘ they had no reason for greed because material items did not exist’ they had no wars because weapons did not exist’ not in the way we see weapons ! [no weapons have been found to date] they worked together as a team’ community and lived a very peaceful life’ they worshiped animals and there dead’ spending days carrying big rocks and some of these rocks weighed 30 tons!! Up hills to the destination they chose to build there tombs’ they carefully placed the bones in chambers and the sculls in the direct sunlight coming  through the tunnel entrance which lined up with the solstice ‘they would spend time in the tombs lighting fires and respecting the dead and when the tombs were full ‘they would seal the tomb . small things meant  a lot to them’ shells and rocks were there treasure’s.

I was shown what our world could be like if we choose not to be controlled by our egos and fears and if we ascend spiritually’ open our hearts ‘come together,I was shown that we have lost how to be happy with very simple things’ how we depend upon the need for material items ‘ I was shown just how lost humanity really is and how far away we have gone from what we really should be!


I thank the spirit of Orkney for showing me what I need to know and what I need to do for the future of humanity ‘ although i already know about this ‘ i feel it was more of an impact to actually feel the energy of a peaceful civilization ,a time is upon us where great changes are happening and one day very soon we will have to come away from all the noise and come back into peace ‘ where balance and harmony is needed .

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