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By Charleen Anna Louise 2016



Over the last few weeks I have being having feelings of deep confusion’ I couldn’t put my finger on it but I just felt like I was waiting for something to happen like the calm before the storm feeling’ I wasn’t manifesting like I usually do’ my desire for life was diminishing ‘I feel as though I have been walking between dimensions/worlds ‘  one moment looking through my spiritual eyes and feeling the 5th dimensional frequencies and then another moment seeing through the 3rd dimensional eyes and seeing and feeling the chaotic mess that our world is in! I normally try to keep my posts and writing super positive but I also understand that many of you feel this way and although we should keep positive ‘we should also be in reality and know a few things that can help us ‘I believe understanding is empowering and gives us strength to move forward in our daily lives ‘ I have been unable to focus on my work’ in fact I have been unable to focus on anything so going away with my partner actually came at the right time ‘and I will be totally honest with you and tell you that I have also found it difficult to keep in contact with friends and family ‘I feel like the only way to get through these extreme earth changes is to become a recluse! I have felt a heavy energy pushing me down and no matter how many times I cleanse and say prayer’ it only goes away for a short while and then comes back ‘I have tried walking in the woods’ taking cleansing baths’ withdrawing from others and lots of other things but still something didn’t feel right ‘something is going on and it feels big! I am even going through some sort of nesting period where I need to make things comfy and safe ‘ I am not pregnant! ‘ I even wrote out my letter/will  in case something happens to me’ Its effecting my family’ friends and to be honest everyone I know and see seems to be having some sort of experience with this energy on the planet ‘ I don’t think telling ourselves every day to get over it’ and keep positive will  do the job’ what will do the job is to know what’s going on ‘to empower ourselves and be one step ahead of the game ‘it is the only way!

Things on the planet are very unsettled right now ‘we have two major situations to cope with ‘the first being the ascension of Earth [Gaia] whether you are aware or not whether you believe it or not this planet is shifting up into a higher frequency of a 5th dimension and this will affect you in all ways, you along with earth are ascending! both earth and you are clearing out the old to make way for this new earth and to do that you must clear old wounds ‘emotions’ karmic situations ‘you must stop resisting and start listening ‘you must face fears and be in control of your ego’ you are becoming more and more sensitive by the day with each big ascension shift!

The big shifts that most of you would of experienced would of been from 21/12/2012’many of you would of noticed many changes around that time’ maybe leaving jobs’ leaving relationships ‘awakening ’kundalini experiences ‘loss of identity ‘loss of friends family members ‘deep depressions’ confusion ‘some of you had revelations’ lightbulb moments’ deep feelings of love’ angel connections spirit connections and reconnecting with your higher self .

Around that time, 2012 saw many light workers around the world waking up to their true self ‘ since then we have had planet alignments’ solar storms from the sun’  full moon eclipses, wave x downloads ‘cosmic downloads which are more intense energies that help to propel our ascension forward and awaken more humans into a higher consciousness , many of you that are light workers working with spirit would of gone through personal activations and downloads and many of you would of and maybe still are feeling the pure love of the higher dimension ‘the new earth ‘many of you have already experienced the 5th dimension which makes the changes that we are experiencing even harder!  Light workers have pulled back into their cave and feel disconnected from other light workers so it important to understand that it is not you!! You haven’t done anything wrong ‘you are loved and when the energy settles a bit ‘you will come back strong with your fellow light workers ‘just sit tight and do what you need to do through these times .

The second situation that we are trying to cope with as sentient beings is this 3D world’ things are crazy more than ever now!  We cannot pretend that it is all sunshine because it is not’ I see the storm very clearly between the light and the dark ‘our governments are trying even harder to keep us in control and dumbed down’ the material world is trying even harder to keep you trapped in the material world! There’s a darker energy on this earth that is trying its best to trap all light workers in the 3d world ‘and it will try harder the more we shine’ we must shine for the greater plan! This is where you ned to be strong and in your power.

Many of you are really struggling’ the archangels and ascended masters see  this and bring it to my attention ‘ it is more than just feeling depressed or lost ‘ it’s a feeling of fear and uncertainty knowing that something is going to happen but you don’t know what or when, it’s the feeling of swishing around in a void between these two worlds ‘ up and down like a roller coaster ,there’s so many changes right now within you and upon our planet that you may feel unable to focus ‘you may feel as though you are under psychic attack constantly! You will be constantly aware of the increased commercials trying to sell happiness to you! Increased reality tv shows to keep you occupied and distract you from your ascension and the truth ‘people are getting drunk more’ taking drugs to escape this energy ‘ people are committing suicide to leave this energy ,you are picking up the negative energy of others and the world!  You will definitely notice how bad things are getting and this will encourage you to try and escape this at any cost! This is what the darkness wants ‘  I am here to bring you a message to help you get through these times ,  these times that you are experiencing now will be overwhelming and you may feel as though you want to give up but you are being asked to look up to the sun’ see it shine and know that this is what you came for’ you came to assist earth and humanity for a greater plan ‘you are being given a choice of two roads’  road 3D and road 5D road  everybody will have this choice and it is up to you which road to choose to walk down  The 5D road is the road you signed up to walk down ‘ choosing to ascend along with earth and raise your consciousness’ yes it will be difficult ’many of you have experienced the deeper side of healing the 4 lower bodies ‘emotional’ physical ’mental and astral ‘ you must heal the 4 lower bodies first in order for you to ascend to the heights you want’ I want to point out that ascension is about you raising your consciousness into a higher place and a merging of the higherself’so you could say that this is also a descending at the same time’ you heal the 4 lower bodies and raise your consciousness and merge with your higher self ‘ the consciousness  of the higher self descends into the 4 lower bodied ,ascension is so much more but for the purpose of this post I will leave it there .

The other choice you have is the 3D world! I would not recommend this to anyone’ in true honesty you will just suffer because you are resisting what your soul should be doing’ many are and will be stuck in their own personal hell! I recommend taking this serious and learning as much as you can about ascension and the new earth’ I am bring out my book this year to help you with this.

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I was also told to make you aware of the earth changes that may affect us in the future ‘ we all know by now that our economy is breaking down ‘ times are changing and the times of relying on a support system will need to change’ I am being told that humanity needs to start depending upon themselves’ at some point in the future we will come to a period of time where we will not have our comforts ‘ we may not be able to pop to the shop to get our food or personal items ‘I have not being told exactly what will happen  but I intuitively feel that we may have some sort of cosmic or solar storm outside our planet that will effect earth for a short while ‘ so don’t worry this will not be a permanent situation but a time for humanity to reflect and come together ‘ but of course at the same time there’s a negative fact to this which I am sure you can all work out’  this is why I encourage you to be one step ahead and create your little safety boxes in your home for emergency  I believe that we should all have  this anyway ‘ what if you had a flood ‘or bad snow storm’ are you prepared ? I have been told that the weather patterns will change drastically on earth and storms will be worldwide ‘this I cannot hide from you ‘ we cannot change this but we can be as prepared as we can’  I am not bringing this information to you to bring fear’ I am helping you to be one step ahead ‘ this may not happen at all’ it may not happen for many years  but my feeling tells me that big changes are coming so yes I am prepared not from fear but from empowerment and it’s the sensible thing to do.

I want to finish off by saying to all of you that are really struggling right now ‘ the best way to keep yourself above this energy is to do what is right for you’ do not feel guilty if you are not doing your light worker duties for  a while’ step back until you feel good to go again’  keep researching ‘ gain more knowledge ‘the more the better’ this is empowering at its best , stay healthy’ and make sure you move your physical body’ spend time in prayer daily and stay connected to your guides’ God’ the Ascended Masters Archangels Guardian Angels or whoever you feel connected with’ you have not been forgotten about!  You are being asked to lay low for a while to recharge ‘if you have emotions coming up then I suggest facing them because until you do they will just keep coming!  Make sure you laugh ‘have some fun ‘ stop worrying and release any fear about the earth changes ‘ trust that whatever is happening is for the future of this planet’ your children and their children and so on! You do not have to go through this alone’ many of us are here to assist through these times.

I wish you well on your ascension journey’ the spiritual hierarchy and cosmic hierarchy are with you always,

Love you all

Charleen Anna Louise


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