Are you holding the emotions from the collective consciousness?



Keeping divinely aligned to source the Christ light and aligned with your mission for the ones who know what their mission is takes great effort & hard work and for many of us, this great effort and hard work is put into action daily! I know this only too well, if I become lazy with my spiritual hygiene then it shows in my mind, body, spirit and emotions ,I become out of sync, but what I experienced only recently was not because I had become lazy with spiritual hygiene but had become unaware of the energies of the collective consciousness gathering within me!  What do I mean by this? Let me explain to you, because this could save you a whole lot of down days and days of feeling flat for no reason.

Right now on earth we are going through the grand shift, many know this as the ascension, evolution, moving into  the golden age , many souls are awakened and many souls are awakening, the old ways of the earth are crumbling and the darkness is surfacing right before your eyes in order for it to be cleared, anything that needs to heal, first has to surface and earth is healing, Gaia is taking her rightful place in the universe and many of us who incarnated in these times are walking with her, it’s called the 5th dimension, the new earth, this will not happen overnight but it is happening fast and you will see great changes over the next 30 years, you will not miss these changes!

The importance of the rainbow warriors on earth right now is vital if we are to move into the new vibrations of love ,many of you have cleared and healed many layers in preparation for the now and you are riding the ascension wave well and many of you are in the stages of healing and clearing so you can  fully align with your higher-self, Monad & Christ Light ,everything is where it is meant to be so rest knowing this, take yourself away from the head space and go into your heart.

No matter what stage of the ascension you are at it is important to understand about the changes on earth and how it affects you, I have been on this path 6 years now and was caught out again recently! So it doesn’t matter how advanced you are, we have to work hard on ourselves daily and until the end of our lifetime, it never stops, so  probably not what many want to hear right now,i’m taking about the ones who want to ascend in 7 days! it just doesn’t work this way.

The spiritual path is for life, we never stop learning, remembering and achieving, it’s a journey that should be honoured, enjoyed and loved.

So as rainbow warriors & empathic souls who are working hard on ascending into higher levels of consciousness, what should you be aware of right now?

You should be aware of the Earth changes, many souls are purging, confused, releasing, and going into fear, anger, hatred, rage!  Gaia (Earth) is purging and so are humans, many humans are still unaware of these changes so its hitting them hard, the ones who are aware are really feeling it, many rainbow warriors are also transmuter’s here on the earth, I am one of those, we are like vacuums that suck up the dirt from the collective consciousness of others around the world, we suck up the fears, pain, confusion and despairs and when we know about this and know how! We then transmute this back out into the universe for it to become light, now the issue for many here is that this collective energy sneaks up on you! It builds up over a few days, you are probably busy with other projects and work to even notice this, I will explain to you how it happened to me.

I am a very high vibrational being, I have worked hard at becoming so, I am usually on the ball when it comes to noticing anything effecting my energy but what I am finding lately is that i’ve become so busy with my new book that my attention is everywhere but me!

As  rainbow warrior’s  it’s very easy for us to concentrate on others and the world around us, we’re on a mission! yes I am riding the ascension wave but maybe I need to be more balanced on that wave, the last 7 days I started to feel slightly flat in my energy and over the those 7 days it become stronger to the point where I started to feel a slight separation from humanity, I also know this feeling very well!!and I can’t afford to go back there ,separation in any form means that you are not fully aligned and this won’t work for those of you that like to manifest and move forward, you will find blocks come your way, this is what I experienced, I felt a block with my book, a block with manifesting, I wasn’t productive, stimulated or motivated at all, I felt confused, frustrated and this led to my vibration being lowered, now for me, when this happens, I always seem to attract attachments so I knew something wasn’t right, I noticed the spirit of someone step to the right side of me and this soul would not budge, I did everything in my power but still it continued to walk by my side so at this point I knew there had to be a bigger reason yet I still ignored it! Why? Because my energy was low and I just didn’t feel like doing spirit work, on the 7th day I really felt something was wrong! I felt fears, anger and became pissed off at humans! I pulled back and realized at this moment that this was not me, I finally sat down and allowed the being to step forward and give me the message, it was Lord Maitreya , he told me that I had allowed the emotional energy of the collective consciousness to become wedged & Stuck within me, instead of transmuting it, I stored it, to the point where it had affected my chakras and because of this I had started acting out these emotions that weren’t mine!! I need to repeat this….That weren’t mine!  I am unconditional love, I am the Christ light and I am in service, by allowing this to happen, I had become out of alignment which meant that I was not aligned to the blessings coming my way, this was the block. So what did I do?

I sat there and thought about this, and this thought was the realization that gave me a powerful shift ,Lord Maitreya came forward and sent energy through my monad and all the way down into my four lower body system, I then began the process of transmuting , which for me is crying, this is how many of us transmute ,as I cried I felt my heart began to open more, I clairvoyantly saw the images of the energy that I had stored and one of them was of starving humans around the world, humans in pain, fears ,wars etc., I realized  at this point that I was transmuting for the wars that were happening around the world , I allowed it to flow and within 30 mins I felt renewed and whole, I felt the love run through each and every cell, I was finally back to being me.

The reason why I am sharing this with you right now is because this is something that each and every one of you have to be more aware of, it will happen time and time again as this earth moves forward and if you are not aware than you may find yourself struggling in the darkness, what should of took 30 mins to clear took 7 days, all because I was too busy! And the only reason why I did clear it was because Lord Maitreya stepped in; if not for him then it may have gone on longer.

The Earth is changing fast, the universe, the sun, moon and other planets are all playing a big part in this and are blasting us with energies left right and centre to help speed up the process, if you are not clued up on this then be prepared to feel it! Being inside a washing machine springs to mind! Can I highly suggest a good friend and also rainbow warrior Andrea Cutlan from A Gift From Gaia  can I suggest that you follow her page daily for the solar weather reports as this will help to empower you on your path and help you to learn more about why you feel the feelings that you are feeling, and can I suggest my other good friend and rainbow warrior Alexandra Wenman who is channeling messages from the hierarchy and from a beautiful arcturian blue ray called Brigon  who is also helping to guide you through these times, these are challenging times right now and you don’t have to walk this path alone, support is offered .

I would like to leave you with some advice from me, and that is to pay close attention to your emotions through the coming months, notice what is yours and what is not, deal with yours in the way you feel guided and transmute the collective, you may need to check in with yourself daily especially if you are an empathic soul, as soon as you realize what is not yours, you have found the key to transmute it.

You are very important so don’t take your attention away from you.

Love and Blessings

Charleen Anna Louise

Author of You’re More Than Just A BODY!


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