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Lessons & Blessings, timelines & Healing, Understanding & Moving Forward

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Over the past few months I have been tested with one thing after another! My sisters passing, learning how to be human amongst other things, 2017 has been the hardest year yet!  regarding working on my ascension and healing my shadows however these last 3 months have been super challenging and I don’t think it’s just me who feels this way ,this is why I wanted to write a small blog and allow you into my life a little to understand that  teachers and healers also go through this, no soul on the ascension path escapes healing on a cellular level, recently Earth ( Gaia ) has been blasted with massive light frequencies which help us and Earth to cleanse, release, transmute ,and ascend on such a deep level, I want to share my experience with you in hope that it will help you to become unstuck and move forward, if you have been following my face book live posts recently then you would of noticed my energy dip and believe me when I say that my experiences nearly blasted me off the planet! For me personally it has been the hardest and deepest lessons and blessings so far.

September seemed to be the hardest month for me, I noticed myself sinking deeper into darkness, shadows were surfacing to be healed which I did do, I found myself healing on a much deeper level than before, working on my family ancestral bloodline, going deeper into forgiveness and releasing trauma and pain from past lives  in fact the pain that released from my heart was so physical that I thought I was going to have an heart attack, I found myself releasing yet more grief related to my sisters passing 24/12/2016  I found that the more I went into my shadows I became more separated from my work, people, places, internet, I found myself on what felt like a floating dark cloud floating around in nothingness ,this then led me to questioning my purpose ,path, I felt invisible to all like I was just left on the side of the road.

I had become so separated that I had lost connection with everything, my vibration then attracted more of this situation which was nothingness!  (We attract what we are) Nothing was happening, no clients, and no doors opening, absolutely nothing, I just wasn’t going forward, I was stuck and the feeling of questioning my path started to repeat itself, in fact I felt as though I was in a circle! Just going round and round, I wasn’t growing and this is why I came to earth! to grow, I actually felt as though my mission was ending or I wasn’t good enough, I know as a teacher that this is the human part of me, the ego, but when you are in the lower vibrational mind, you can’t see past that, well not without some sort of help, I just couldn’t access my higher mind at all, my mental mind was clouded, I couldn’t see clearly, this was very distressing for me as a way shower,starseed soul on a mission.

Everything else in my life was beautiful, amazing partner, home, no worries at all so something was obviously going on.

I became overwhelmed with this ,my human part was overloaded and I was totally confused and worn out, my partner took me away for the last week in September  into nature, no internet, I did some releasing and thinking ,I felt fresh and came back home thinking I was fixed! This was not the case, two days after been home, all of the emotions started to repeat! I started to mumble to myself “what’s the point” I was indecisive about everything even more, it was like everything was intensified to such a higher level  and three days before a full moon!, I still couldn’t see clearly! I even thought that maybe I had a darker entity controlling me, I felt pissed off and then self-doubt kicked in, I am a confidant women yet I felt weak and not in control of my experience, as you know, this can also create all sorts of physical issues in the body too, I kept thinking with the lower mind that I felt trapped ,I asked “why me? ,someone who dedicated her life to service someone who had healed already on so many levels ,why was I hear again.

I now know that instead of me being in a beautiful ascension spiral flowing freely up and down, I was stuck in a circle, repeat cycle until I got the lesson which is of course a blessing when you see it from the higher mind, I thought the universe was against me and I don’t say this lightly because  I am a soul in service who 99% of the time fully trusts ,honours and allows, because I had become so low in vibration I just wasn’t accessing my higher mind at all, I couldn’t see the bigger picture which is super important for our path, I couldn’t see that the universe was in fact presenting to me exactly what my soul needed to experience in order for my soul to further expand, it was at this point and after chatting with my soul sister Andrea Cutlan from a Gift from Gaia that I stepped out of the repeating circle and stepped into my higher mind, I felt the shift immediately.

Until this point I had been stuck in the circle, I was at crossroads not knowing which way to go, this is why I questioned my path because my path was not clear, the barriers were firmly closed and preventing me from moving forward ,I even had a message in my dream showing me getting into a car and driving it off the drive and then the car ending up back on the drive, this kept on repeating and a wise old lady said to me, we won’t let you drive off into the storm until its safe, so many signs yet I still didn’t get it until talking with Andrea, I can’t state just how important it is to have a soul family on Earth ( thank you Andrea )

I now know that I was tittering on the edge of my old timeline and preparing to enter the new timeline but until I could go forward with this, I had lessons to learn, to understand, to innerstand, healing to do and realizations, I needed the light bulb moments, and as Andrea would say the “aha I get it “moments,  by finally having the inner standing of this I was then able to deal with it and heal whatever needed healing which I will still work on and use the energy of the full moon this week, thur 5th September ,I will let go and release what my soul desires .

The universe is not against me or us!  The universe is helping us to ascend and go forward into the new paradigm, new world, higher frequencies and we each have to be committed to our ascension if we wish to rise, it was never meant to be easy and that’s why people like myself go through these experiences so we can then share with you, this is the way of the way shower.

I am now in a state of recalibration, I have taken myself from the unconscious awareness to the conscious awareness, I had a major realisation that is a huge  golden key for me and I am now back in the spiral where I am free to Mino over



Before Andrea explains in her words about a few things I would like to point out that once you have the inner standing of being in the repeating circle you will then have to work hard at retraining the brain, a quote taken from Andrea’s words below is ( Remember we are humans, we are used to negative programming and so it takes energy and commitment to retrain those neuro transmitters to behave in the manner our energetic systems and higher self requires )

This is very important to understand because if you don’t work at this then you may find yourself back in the circle repeating patterns, I was stuck in the circle for around 3 months and it took me only 4 hours to rise from this! Showing us that things are really speeding up for us on Earth  ( WE CAN DO THIS )

I have decided to print out this blog and each day I will read it out ,maybe twice a day until my brain absorbs what it needs.

So all we need to do is first innerstand the circle, see what is being presented to you in order for you to rise, deal with it and heal it, work hard with full commitment and then you will start to move forward.

Andrea who is my soul sister, co-host of the wake women and founder r of A Gift from Gaia has kindly shared her work and we hope that by sharing this, you will also have your light bulb moments and start to move forward.

FACE BOOK – A Gift from Gaia

MY FACE BOOK – walktalkbreatheangels


Andrea explains what we mean by the spiral

My Soul Lineage Genetic Integration Master Attunement

The double helix, DNA, where all our coding is held, our growth, conditioning, and healing.

When I talk of the spiral of ascension this is exactly what I am talking about.

When we experience a loop or a circle within our reality we are in fact hitting something within our coding that needs to be healed.

The double helix is the most beautiful piece of us that aligns every part of our BEing, when you commit to ascension you are committing to the healing and expansion of all your physical and energetic systems. This higher perspective, understanding our core enables you to flow up and down the helix adjusting and expanding as necessary.
Committing to ascension gives you the power to be in control of your realities and not reactive. Allowing you to truly use the power of manifestation and Universal energies.

At one with the Universal Law.


Andrea also explains more about the timelines and what you may be experiencing right now


Timelines, REALities, Dimensions, Paradigms, New Earth versus Old are terms you will hear a lot in all energy focused spiritual teachings but what exactly is it?
Firstly, it is a choice, it is your conscious awareness versus unconscious awareness, it is a path you decide if you wish to take, ultimately it is your expansion.
So, let’s start with understanding unconscious awareness, which is plain and simply your human, the conditioned human that resides in ego, that is led by instinct, that serves to limit and protect self-due to fear of expansion. In unconscious awareness the human controls to gain, we play around in all the lower octaves of what makes us human. It is a place where attachment exists, where “want” takes hold and a need to manipulate realities in order to gain what we perceive or perhaps were programmed to believe necessary to survive as a human.
Conscious Awareness is the alignment of human and higher self; it is the ability to be able to see the bigger picture, higher perspectives, to walk in higher frequencies of love and acceptance. To take your spiritual learning from understanding through to innerstanding – walking your talk, fully recognising that we are an energetic system all connected, from self to our outer world through to entire planet moving out to the Universe and Multiverse. Realising that every experience is a timeline that we can ultimately choose if we wish to participate.
Over the past three months with the planetary energies, but more importantly the light frequencies that we received blasted out lower vibrational emotions stored in our cellular memories, in other words situations, emotions presented for you to become fully consciously aware of, to allow expansion, if you so choose, to reach a higher level of conscious awareness.
Now we find ourselves at a stand point, a crossroads, a place you get to choose to continue in the old timeline or shift into the new.
For those who choose not to see the higher perspective, that are not ready to see the blessing within the lesson will continue to experience similar paradigms to gain further information, deeper healing and greater enlightenment – this is not a bad place to be but it is your choice to experience and learn more aspects of that reality, or timeline. This experience relates to the circles of life that I wrote about recently.
For those who have had the lightbulb moment, the “aha I get it” moment will now be entering into a state of recalibration which is a place where we transcend that reality from unconscious to conscious awareness. It becomes a period where you consistently choose to focus on the blessing learned and consciously behave in that manner. Remember we are humans, we are used to negative programming and so it takes energy and commitment to retrain those neuro transmitters to behave in the manner our energetic systems and higher self requires. What appears to be taking place this year, the Universal year 1 is that this process appears to be on high speed. This year it has become very obvious that those who consciously choose to shed layers can do so at super-fast rate, this is also proof that as we get closer to a solar minimum (less sun activity/spots) we receive more cosmic rays which are that of DNA changing energies. The solar weather loosens low vibrational frequencies to be witnessed and healed and the Cosmic Rays bring the transformation, which is why at this point all higher chakras activate, our Clair’s are super sensitive and it’s as though our higher self takes the steering wheel for a while. These periods are the ascension spiral that I recently wrote about.
Many of you are experiencing extreme tiredness, and for those (myself included until I realised during last night’s meditation) who are not honouring the physical bodies need to catch up energetically will struggle all the more. If we are to walk our talk and fully innerstand that we are energy then it is essential to be fully aware and take care of both your physical and energetic body. Dehydration is another symptom of awakening or shedding a timeline, again, honour the body and be consciously aware of what is happening and why. Many are also needing alone time, again this is more space for integration, the need for general chit chat, negative feeds (as those wanting to communicate are no doubt experiencing their own shifts or issues presenting) the need to stay away from anything that isn’t nourishing all energetic bodies – again honour this.
Those on the ascension spiral will start to notice more frequent synchronisations and high-pitched ringing (I know many have wondered why it stopped or lessened and the answer is simply that you have been shedding an old timeline)
So, the next job in hand is the retraining and learning to BE a higher aspect of you, to bring your human up to your new energetic level of conscious awareness. This takes effort, commitment and ultimately is always your choice. Take things back to basics by completely honouring your basic physical needs. By doing this we begin to step forward into the new timeline or a higher octave of your BEing. As we experienced a three-month window of closing a timeline the recalibration will mirror the same time frame in which, as layers were shed, layers will be built. Everything in your awareness is about to expand in every moment, it is important to be present in every moment but not expect that reality to stay fixed, expansion is a process and cannot be expected to end with an epiphany, the epiphany must have space to grow and create the new reality.
The fragmentation and separation that all has experienced was in fact to remove the old, to piece back together that of high vibrational frequencies and draw in the new, expanding into a new higher vibrational frequency – Enjoy!
It is of course no coincidence that you find yourself here at A Gift from Gaia, a place where I interpret planetary and solar energy to help trigger your higher awareness, this post is to really summarise the information I give to you and help you take your awareness to a higher state of BEing.


We hope that our words can support you on your path of Ascension

Thank you

Angel Blessings

Charleen & Andrea



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