4th Eye Activation Master Teacher Level Attunement

4th eye activation Master Teacher Level  attunement includes image-for-4th-eye-services
one  PDF Personal Manual , one PDF Master Manual and one Distant Chi Ball Attunement
certificate which is optional
Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture
Your Teacher – Charleen Anna Louise

Urim Thummin Empowerment of circuitry resonance for your trichromatic pathways connecting the 4 eyes of Horus with your eyes.

Reiki or Seichem Master is required for the Master Attunement

About this system:

A tri-chromatic system of Urim Thummin pathways in your brain, infused by the Strength Movers of the Light, for your brain and body’s ease to receive higher light frequencies. It will also help to translate accurately the messages that arrive in many sacred languages to your conscious awareness.


  • Activates your 4th Eye with Amset and Aleph’s sacred energies.
  • Provides you with Urim Thummin Empowerment
  • Creation of the tri-chromatic crystalline grid of circuitry resonance
  • Swirling vortexes of the 4 Eyes of Horus overlay your eyes
  • Empowerment to 12 Strength Movers of the Light