Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Ascension Guide,Key Holder ( see my services ) I work with helping others to go within,face shadows , inner child,i help to empower others so they can work with themselves! I work with ascension and help others to go through the process of embodying soul light,i give the keys that unlock,the very same key’s that were given to me,i am here to help you spiritually grow & expand.

I run my main face book page called WalkTalkBreatheAngels  where i share daily uplifting truthful guidance.


about-pic-3I am someone who is 100% dedicated to my mission / work which is to help and inspire humanity ,creating a better civilization,a better world.


FREE 15 minute consultation

I am here to assist and encourage you on your spiritual path of awakening and to guide you through your ascension process  I work with the four lower bodies, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Etheric and also your Astral, I help empower you so you can heal yourselves ,so you can raise your own frequency into a 5th dimensional frequency and anchor more light I help you to release your old wounds, I assist you in stripping back the layers one by one.


My sessions include a blend of techniques, I work with the subconscious mind using the emotion code [please go to my services to read more about this healing method]

My main aim in our session together is to remove density that hold’s you back and to help open your heart chakra.

Depending on the individual will depend on how deep I go, it could be that we work on this lifetime issues and inner child work or we could go back into your past lives, you may also only need one session or you may need several. we should never put time on our healing journey

I will Taylor your session around your needs giving you full spiritual support along the way, I offer a free 15 min consultation to see if our energies work well together and to make sure that the healing I do is right for you, if however I feel that what I do is not right for you then I will recommend someone who is, you will not be left alone.


If you feel guided towards my energy then listen to that higher guidance and contact me for a free 15 minute consultation, we can take it from there; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Love & Light about-pic-2

Divine Blessings

Charleen Anna Louise.

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