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Lessons & Blessings, timelines & Healing, Understanding & Moving Forward

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Over the past few months I have been tested with one thing after another! My sisters passing, learning how to be human amongst other things, 2017 has been the hardest year yet!  regarding working on my ascension and healing my shadows however these last 3 months have been super challenging and I don’t think it’s just me who feels this way ,this is why I wanted to write a small blog and allow you into my life a little to understand that  teachers and healers also go through this, no soul on the ascension path escapes healing on a cellular level, recently Earth ( Gaia ) has been blasted with massive light frequencies which help us and Earth to cleanse, release, transmute ,and ascend on such a deep level, I want to share my experience with you in hope that it will help you to become unstuck and move forward, if you have been following my face book live posts recently then you would of noticed my energy dip and believe me when I say that my experiences nearly blasted me off the planet! For me personally it has been the hardest and deepest lessons and blessings so far.

September seemed to be the hardest month for me, I noticed myself sinking deeper into darkness, shadows were surfacing to be healed which I did do, I found myself healing on a much deeper level than before, working on my family ancestral bloodline, going deeper into forgiveness and releasing trauma and pain from past lives  in fact the pain that released from my heart was so physical that I thought I was going to have an heart attack, I found myself releasing yet more grief related to my sisters passing 24/12/2016  I found that the more I went into my shadows I became more separated from my work, people, places, internet, I found myself on what felt like a floating dark cloud floating around in nothingness ,this then led me to questioning my purpose ,path, I felt invisible to all like I was just left on the side of the road.

I had become so separated that I had lost connection with everything, my vibration then attracted more of this situation which was nothingness!  (We attract what we are) Nothing was happening, no clients, and no doors opening, absolutely nothing, I just wasn’t going forward, I was stuck and the feeling of questioning my path started to repeat itself, in fact I felt as though I was in a circle! Just going round and round, I wasn’t growing and this is why I came to earth! to grow, I actually felt as though my mission was ending or I wasn’t good enough, I know as a teacher that this is the human part of me, the ego, but when you are in the lower vibrational mind, you can’t see past that, well not without some sort of help, I just couldn’t access my higher mind at all, my mental mind was clouded, I couldn’t see clearly, this was very distressing for me as a way shower,starseed soul on a mission.

Everything else in my life was beautiful, amazing partner, home, no worries at all so something was obviously going on.

I became overwhelmed with this ,my human part was overloaded and I was totally confused and worn out, my partner took me away for the last week in September  into nature, no internet, I did some releasing and thinking ,I felt fresh and came back home thinking I was fixed! This was not the case, two days after been home, all of the emotions started to repeat! I started to mumble to myself “what’s the point” I was indecisive about everything even more, it was like everything was intensified to such a higher level  and three days before a full moon!, I still couldn’t see clearly! I even thought that maybe I had a darker entity controlling me, I felt pissed off and then self-doubt kicked in, I am a confidant women yet I felt weak and not in control of my experience, as you know, this can also create all sorts of physical issues in the body too, I kept thinking with the lower mind that I felt trapped ,I asked “why me? ,someone who dedicated her life to service someone who had healed already on so many levels ,why was I hear again.

I now know that instead of me being in a beautiful ascension spiral flowing freely up and down, I was stuck in a circle, repeat cycle until I got the lesson which is of course a blessing when you see it from the higher mind, I thought the universe was against me and I don’t say this lightly because  I am a soul in service who 99% of the time fully trusts ,honours and allows, because I had become so low in vibration I just wasn’t accessing my higher mind at all, I couldn’t see the bigger picture which is super important for our path, I couldn’t see that the universe was in fact presenting to me exactly what my soul needed to experience in order for my soul to further expand, it was at this point and after chatting with my soul sister Andrea Cutlan from a Gift from Gaia that I stepped out of the repeating circle and stepped into my higher mind, I felt the shift immediately.

Until this point I had been stuck in the circle, I was at crossroads not knowing which way to go, this is why I questioned my path because my path was not clear, the barriers were firmly closed and preventing me from moving forward ,I even had a message in my dream showing me getting into a car and driving it off the drive and then the car ending up back on the drive, this kept on repeating and a wise old lady said to me, we won’t let you drive off into the storm until its safe, so many signs yet I still didn’t get it until talking with Andrea, I can’t state just how important it is to have a soul family on Earth ( thank you Andrea )

I now know that I was tittering on the edge of my old timeline and preparing to enter the new timeline but until I could go forward with this, I had lessons to learn, to understand, to innerstand, healing to do and realizations, I needed the light bulb moments, and as Andrea would say the “aha I get it “moments,  by finally having the inner standing of this I was then able to deal with it and heal whatever needed healing which I will still work on and use the energy of the full moon this week, thur 5th September ,I will let go and release what my soul desires .

The universe is not against me or us!  The universe is helping us to ascend and go forward into the new paradigm, new world, higher frequencies and we each have to be committed to our ascension if we wish to rise, it was never meant to be easy and that’s why people like myself go through these experiences so we can then share with you, this is the way of the way shower.

I am now in a state of recalibration, I have taken myself from the unconscious awareness to the conscious awareness, I had a major realisation that is a huge  golden key for me and I am now back in the spiral where I am free to Mino over



Before Andrea explains in her words about a few things I would like to point out that once you have the inner standing of being in the repeating circle you will then have to work hard at retraining the brain, a quote taken from Andrea’s words below is ( Remember we are humans, we are used to negative programming and so it takes energy and commitment to retrain those neuro transmitters to behave in the manner our energetic systems and higher self requires )

This is very important to understand because if you don’t work at this then you may find yourself back in the circle repeating patterns, I was stuck in the circle for around 3 months and it took me only 4 hours to rise from this! Showing us that things are really speeding up for us on Earth  ( WE CAN DO THIS )

I have decided to print out this blog and each day I will read it out ,maybe twice a day until my brain absorbs what it needs.

So all we need to do is first innerstand the circle, see what is being presented to you in order for you to rise, deal with it and heal it, work hard with full commitment and then you will start to move forward.

Andrea who is my soul sister, co-host of the wake women and founder r of A Gift from Gaia has kindly shared her work and we hope that by sharing this, you will also have your light bulb moments and start to move forward.

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Andrea explains what we mean by the spiral

My Soul Lineage Genetic Integration Master Attunement

The double helix, DNA, where all our coding is held, our growth, conditioning, and healing.

When I talk of the spiral of ascension this is exactly what I am talking about.

When we experience a loop or a circle within our reality we are in fact hitting something within our coding that needs to be healed.

The double helix is the most beautiful piece of us that aligns every part of our BEing, when you commit to ascension you are committing to the healing and expansion of all your physical and energetic systems. This higher perspective, understanding our core enables you to flow up and down the helix adjusting and expanding as necessary.
Committing to ascension gives you the power to be in control of your realities and not reactive. Allowing you to truly use the power of manifestation and Universal energies.

At one with the Universal Law.


Andrea also explains more about the timelines and what you may be experiencing right now


Timelines, REALities, Dimensions, Paradigms, New Earth versus Old are terms you will hear a lot in all energy focused spiritual teachings but what exactly is it?
Firstly, it is a choice, it is your conscious awareness versus unconscious awareness, it is a path you decide if you wish to take, ultimately it is your expansion.
So, let’s start with understanding unconscious awareness, which is plain and simply your human, the conditioned human that resides in ego, that is led by instinct, that serves to limit and protect self-due to fear of expansion. In unconscious awareness the human controls to gain, we play around in all the lower octaves of what makes us human. It is a place where attachment exists, where “want” takes hold and a need to manipulate realities in order to gain what we perceive or perhaps were programmed to believe necessary to survive as a human.
Conscious Awareness is the alignment of human and higher self; it is the ability to be able to see the bigger picture, higher perspectives, to walk in higher frequencies of love and acceptance. To take your spiritual learning from understanding through to innerstanding – walking your talk, fully recognising that we are an energetic system all connected, from self to our outer world through to entire planet moving out to the Universe and Multiverse. Realising that every experience is a timeline that we can ultimately choose if we wish to participate.
Over the past three months with the planetary energies, but more importantly the light frequencies that we received blasted out lower vibrational emotions stored in our cellular memories, in other words situations, emotions presented for you to become fully consciously aware of, to allow expansion, if you so choose, to reach a higher level of conscious awareness.
Now we find ourselves at a stand point, a crossroads, a place you get to choose to continue in the old timeline or shift into the new.
For those who choose not to see the higher perspective, that are not ready to see the blessing within the lesson will continue to experience similar paradigms to gain further information, deeper healing and greater enlightenment – this is not a bad place to be but it is your choice to experience and learn more aspects of that reality, or timeline. This experience relates to the circles of life that I wrote about recently.
For those who have had the lightbulb moment, the “aha I get it” moment will now be entering into a state of recalibration which is a place where we transcend that reality from unconscious to conscious awareness. It becomes a period where you consistently choose to focus on the blessing learned and consciously behave in that manner. Remember we are humans, we are used to negative programming and so it takes energy and commitment to retrain those neuro transmitters to behave in the manner our energetic systems and higher self requires. What appears to be taking place this year, the Universal year 1 is that this process appears to be on high speed. This year it has become very obvious that those who consciously choose to shed layers can do so at super-fast rate, this is also proof that as we get closer to a solar minimum (less sun activity/spots) we receive more cosmic rays which are that of DNA changing energies. The solar weather loosens low vibrational frequencies to be witnessed and healed and the Cosmic Rays bring the transformation, which is why at this point all higher chakras activate, our Clair’s are super sensitive and it’s as though our higher self takes the steering wheel for a while. These periods are the ascension spiral that I recently wrote about.
Many of you are experiencing extreme tiredness, and for those (myself included until I realised during last night’s meditation) who are not honouring the physical bodies need to catch up energetically will struggle all the more. If we are to walk our talk and fully innerstand that we are energy then it is essential to be fully aware and take care of both your physical and energetic body. Dehydration is another symptom of awakening or shedding a timeline, again, honour the body and be consciously aware of what is happening and why. Many are also needing alone time, again this is more space for integration, the need for general chit chat, negative feeds (as those wanting to communicate are no doubt experiencing their own shifts or issues presenting) the need to stay away from anything that isn’t nourishing all energetic bodies – again honour this.
Those on the ascension spiral will start to notice more frequent synchronisations and high-pitched ringing (I know many have wondered why it stopped or lessened and the answer is simply that you have been shedding an old timeline)
So, the next job in hand is the retraining and learning to BE a higher aspect of you, to bring your human up to your new energetic level of conscious awareness. This takes effort, commitment and ultimately is always your choice. Take things back to basics by completely honouring your basic physical needs. By doing this we begin to step forward into the new timeline or a higher octave of your BEing. As we experienced a three-month window of closing a timeline the recalibration will mirror the same time frame in which, as layers were shed, layers will be built. Everything in your awareness is about to expand in every moment, it is important to be present in every moment but not expect that reality to stay fixed, expansion is a process and cannot be expected to end with an epiphany, the epiphany must have space to grow and create the new reality.
The fragmentation and separation that all has experienced was in fact to remove the old, to piece back together that of high vibrational frequencies and draw in the new, expanding into a new higher vibrational frequency – Enjoy!
It is of course no coincidence that you find yourself here at A Gift from Gaia, a place where I interpret planetary and solar energy to help trigger your higher awareness, this post is to really summarise the information I give to you and help you take your awareness to a higher state of BEing.


We hope that our words can support you on your path of Ascension

Thank you

Angel Blessings

Charleen & Andrea




Are you holding the emotions from the collective consciousness?



Keeping divinely aligned to source the Christ light and aligned with your mission for the ones who know what their mission is takes great effort & hard work and for many of us, this great effort and hard work is put into action daily! I know this only too well, if I become lazy with my spiritual hygiene then it shows in my mind, body, spirit and emotions ,I become out of sync, but what I experienced only recently was not because I had become lazy with spiritual hygiene but had become unaware of the energies of the collective consciousness gathering within me!  What do I mean by this? Let me explain to you, because this could save you a whole lot of down days and days of feeling flat for no reason.

Right now on earth we are going through the grand shift, many know this as the ascension, evolution, moving into  the golden age , many souls are awakened and many souls are awakening, the old ways of the earth are crumbling and the darkness is surfacing right before your eyes in order for it to be cleared, anything that needs to heal, first has to surface and earth is healing, Gaia is taking her rightful place in the universe and many of us who incarnated in these times are walking with her, it’s called the 5th dimension, the new earth, this will not happen overnight but it is happening fast and you will see great changes over the next 30 years, you will not miss these changes!

The importance of the rainbow warriors on earth right now is vital if we are to move into the new vibrations of love ,many of you have cleared and healed many layers in preparation for the now and you are riding the ascension wave well and many of you are in the stages of healing and clearing so you can  fully align with your higher-self, Monad & Christ Light ,everything is where it is meant to be so rest knowing this, take yourself away from the head space and go into your heart.

No matter what stage of the ascension you are at it is important to understand about the changes on earth and how it affects you, I have been on this path 6 years now and was caught out again recently! So it doesn’t matter how advanced you are, we have to work hard on ourselves daily and until the end of our lifetime, it never stops, so  probably not what many want to hear right now,i’m taking about the ones who want to ascend in 7 days! it just doesn’t work this way.

The spiritual path is for life, we never stop learning, remembering and achieving, it’s a journey that should be honoured, enjoyed and loved.

So as rainbow warriors & empathic souls who are working hard on ascending into higher levels of consciousness, what should you be aware of right now?

You should be aware of the Earth changes, many souls are purging, confused, releasing, and going into fear, anger, hatred, rage!  Gaia (Earth) is purging and so are humans, many humans are still unaware of these changes so its hitting them hard, the ones who are aware are really feeling it, many rainbow warriors are also transmuter’s here on the earth, I am one of those, we are like vacuums that suck up the dirt from the collective consciousness of others around the world, we suck up the fears, pain, confusion and despairs and when we know about this and know how! We then transmute this back out into the universe for it to become light, now the issue for many here is that this collective energy sneaks up on you! It builds up over a few days, you are probably busy with other projects and work to even notice this, I will explain to you how it happened to me.

I am a very high vibrational being, I have worked hard at becoming so, I am usually on the ball when it comes to noticing anything effecting my energy but what I am finding lately is that i’ve become so busy with my new book that my attention is everywhere but me!

As  rainbow warrior’s  it’s very easy for us to concentrate on others and the world around us, we’re on a mission! yes I am riding the ascension wave but maybe I need to be more balanced on that wave, the last 7 days I started to feel slightly flat in my energy and over the those 7 days it become stronger to the point where I started to feel a slight separation from humanity, I also know this feeling very well!!and I can’t afford to go back there ,separation in any form means that you are not fully aligned and this won’t work for those of you that like to manifest and move forward, you will find blocks come your way, this is what I experienced, I felt a block with my book, a block with manifesting, I wasn’t productive, stimulated or motivated at all, I felt confused, frustrated and this led to my vibration being lowered, now for me, when this happens, I always seem to attract attachments so I knew something wasn’t right, I noticed the spirit of someone step to the right side of me and this soul would not budge, I did everything in my power but still it continued to walk by my side so at this point I knew there had to be a bigger reason yet I still ignored it! Why? Because my energy was low and I just didn’t feel like doing spirit work, on the 7th day I really felt something was wrong! I felt fears, anger and became pissed off at humans! I pulled back and realized at this moment that this was not me, I finally sat down and allowed the being to step forward and give me the message, it was Lord Maitreya , he told me that I had allowed the emotional energy of the collective consciousness to become wedged & Stuck within me, instead of transmuting it, I stored it, to the point where it had affected my chakras and because of this I had started acting out these emotions that weren’t mine!! I need to repeat this….That weren’t mine!  I am unconditional love, I am the Christ light and I am in service, by allowing this to happen, I had become out of alignment which meant that I was not aligned to the blessings coming my way, this was the block. So what did I do?

I sat there and thought about this, and this thought was the realization that gave me a powerful shift ,Lord Maitreya came forward and sent energy through my monad and all the way down into my four lower body system, I then began the process of transmuting , which for me is crying, this is how many of us transmute ,as I cried I felt my heart began to open more, I clairvoyantly saw the images of the energy that I had stored and one of them was of starving humans around the world, humans in pain, fears ,wars etc., I realized  at this point that I was transmuting for the wars that were happening around the world , I allowed it to flow and within 30 mins I felt renewed and whole, I felt the love run through each and every cell, I was finally back to being me.

The reason why I am sharing this with you right now is because this is something that each and every one of you have to be more aware of, it will happen time and time again as this earth moves forward and if you are not aware than you may find yourself struggling in the darkness, what should of took 30 mins to clear took 7 days, all because I was too busy! And the only reason why I did clear it was because Lord Maitreya stepped in; if not for him then it may have gone on longer.

The Earth is changing fast, the universe, the sun, moon and other planets are all playing a big part in this and are blasting us with energies left right and centre to help speed up the process, if you are not clued up on this then be prepared to feel it! Being inside a washing machine springs to mind! Can I highly suggest a good friend and also rainbow warrior Andrea Cutlan from A Gift From Gaia https://www.facebook.com/a.gift.from.gaia/?ref=br_rs  can I suggest that you follow her page daily for the solar weather reports as this will help to empower you on your path and help you to learn more about why you feel the feelings that you are feeling, and can I suggest my other good friend and rainbow warrior Alexandra Wenman who is channeling messages from the hierarchy and from a beautiful arcturian blue ray called Brigon  https://www.facebook.com/AlexandraWenmansPreciousWisdom/  who is also helping to guide you through these times, these are challenging times right now and you don’t have to walk this path alone, support is offered .

I would like to leave you with some advice from me, and that is to pay close attention to your emotions through the coming months, notice what is yours and what is not, deal with yours in the way you feel guided and transmute the collective, you may need to check in with yourself daily especially if you are an empathic soul, as soon as you realize what is not yours, you have found the key to transmute it.

You are very important so don’t take your attention away from you.

Love and Blessings

Charleen Anna Louise

Author of You’re More Than Just A BODY!



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By Charleen Anna Louise 2016



Over the last few weeks I have being having feelings of deep confusion’ I couldn’t put my finger on it but I just felt like I was waiting for something to happen like the calm before the storm feeling’ I wasn’t manifesting like I usually do’ my desire for life was diminishing ‘I feel as though I have been walking between dimensions/worlds ‘  one moment looking through my spiritual eyes and feeling the 5th dimensional frequencies and then another moment seeing through the 3rd dimensional eyes and seeing and feeling the chaotic mess that our world is in! I normally try to keep my posts and writing super positive but I also understand that many of you feel this way and although we should keep positive ‘we should also be in reality and know a few things that can help us ‘I believe understanding is empowering and gives us strength to move forward in our daily lives ‘ I have been unable to focus on my work’ in fact I have been unable to focus on anything so going away with my partner actually came at the right time ‘and I will be totally honest with you and tell you that I have also found it difficult to keep in contact with friends and family ‘I feel like the only way to get through these extreme earth changes is to become a recluse! I have felt a heavy energy pushing me down and no matter how many times I cleanse and say prayer’ it only goes away for a short while and then comes back ‘I have tried walking in the woods’ taking cleansing baths’ withdrawing from others and lots of other things but still something didn’t feel right ‘something is going on and it feels big! I am even going through some sort of nesting period where I need to make things comfy and safe ‘ I am not pregnant! ‘ I even wrote out my letter/will  in case something happens to me’ Its effecting my family’ friends and to be honest everyone I know and see seems to be having some sort of experience with this energy on the planet ‘ I don’t think telling ourselves every day to get over it’ and keep positive will  do the job’ what will do the job is to know what’s going on ‘to empower ourselves and be one step ahead of the game ‘it is the only way!

Things on the planet are very unsettled right now ‘we have two major situations to cope with ‘the first being the ascension of Earth [Gaia] whether you are aware or not whether you believe it or not this planet is shifting up into a higher frequency of a 5th dimension and this will affect you in all ways, you along with earth are ascending! both earth and you are clearing out the old to make way for this new earth and to do that you must clear old wounds ‘emotions’ karmic situations ‘you must stop resisting and start listening ‘you must face fears and be in control of your ego’ you are becoming more and more sensitive by the day with each big ascension shift!

The big shifts that most of you would of experienced would of been from 21/12/2012’many of you would of noticed many changes around that time’ maybe leaving jobs’ leaving relationships ‘awakening ’kundalini experiences ‘loss of identity ‘loss of friends family members ‘deep depressions’ confusion ‘some of you had revelations’ lightbulb moments’ deep feelings of love’ angel connections spirit connections and reconnecting with your higher self .

Around that time, 2012 saw many light workers around the world waking up to their true self ‘ since then we have had planet alignments’ solar storms from the sun’  full moon eclipses, wave x downloads ‘cosmic downloads which are more intense energies that help to propel our ascension forward and awaken more humans into a higher consciousness , many of you that are light workers working with spirit would of gone through personal activations and downloads and many of you would of and maybe still are feeling the pure love of the higher dimension ‘the new earth ‘many of you have already experienced the 5th dimension which makes the changes that we are experiencing even harder!  Light workers have pulled back into their cave and feel disconnected from other light workers so it important to understand that it is not you!! You haven’t done anything wrong ‘you are loved and when the energy settles a bit ‘you will come back strong with your fellow light workers ‘just sit tight and do what you need to do through these times .

The second situation that we are trying to cope with as sentient beings is this 3D world’ things are crazy more than ever now!  We cannot pretend that it is all sunshine because it is not’ I see the storm very clearly between the light and the dark ‘our governments are trying even harder to keep us in control and dumbed down’ the material world is trying even harder to keep you trapped in the material world! There’s a darker energy on this earth that is trying its best to trap all light workers in the 3d world ‘and it will try harder the more we shine’ we must shine for the greater plan! This is where you ned to be strong and in your power.

Many of you are really struggling’ the archangels and ascended masters see  this and bring it to my attention ‘ it is more than just feeling depressed or lost ‘ it’s a feeling of fear and uncertainty knowing that something is going to happen but you don’t know what or when, it’s the feeling of swishing around in a void between these two worlds ‘ up and down like a roller coaster ,there’s so many changes right now within you and upon our planet that you may feel unable to focus ‘you may feel as though you are under psychic attack constantly! You will be constantly aware of the increased commercials trying to sell happiness to you! Increased reality tv shows to keep you occupied and distract you from your ascension and the truth ‘people are getting drunk more’ taking drugs to escape this energy ‘ people are committing suicide to leave this energy ,you are picking up the negative energy of others and the world!  You will definitely notice how bad things are getting and this will encourage you to try and escape this at any cost! This is what the darkness wants ‘  I am here to bring you a message to help you get through these times ,  these times that you are experiencing now will be overwhelming and you may feel as though you want to give up but you are being asked to look up to the sun’ see it shine and know that this is what you came for’ you came to assist earth and humanity for a greater plan ‘you are being given a choice of two roads’  road 3D and road 5D road  everybody will have this choice and it is up to you which road to choose to walk down  The 5D road is the road you signed up to walk down ‘ choosing to ascend along with earth and raise your consciousness’ yes it will be difficult ’many of you have experienced the deeper side of healing the 4 lower bodies ‘emotional’ physical ’mental and astral ‘ you must heal the 4 lower bodies first in order for you to ascend to the heights you want’ I want to point out that ascension is about you raising your consciousness into a higher place and a merging of the higherself’so you could say that this is also a descending at the same time’ you heal the 4 lower bodies and raise your consciousness and merge with your higher self ‘ the consciousness  of the higher self descends into the 4 lower bodied ,ascension is so much more but for the purpose of this post I will leave it there .

The other choice you have is the 3D world! I would not recommend this to anyone’ in true honesty you will just suffer because you are resisting what your soul should be doing’ many are and will be stuck in their own personal hell! I recommend taking this serious and learning as much as you can about ascension and the new earth’ I am bring out my book this year to help you with this.

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I was also told to make you aware of the earth changes that may affect us in the future ‘ we all know by now that our economy is breaking down ‘ times are changing and the times of relying on a support system will need to change’ I am being told that humanity needs to start depending upon themselves’ at some point in the future we will come to a period of time where we will not have our comforts ‘ we may not be able to pop to the shop to get our food or personal items ‘I have not being told exactly what will happen  but I intuitively feel that we may have some sort of cosmic or solar storm outside our planet that will effect earth for a short while ‘ so don’t worry this will not be a permanent situation but a time for humanity to reflect and come together ‘ but of course at the same time there’s a negative fact to this which I am sure you can all work out’  this is why I encourage you to be one step ahead and create your little safety boxes in your home for emergency  I believe that we should all have  this anyway ‘ what if you had a flood ‘or bad snow storm’ are you prepared ? I have been told that the weather patterns will change drastically on earth and storms will be worldwide ‘this I cannot hide from you ‘ we cannot change this but we can be as prepared as we can’  I am not bringing this information to you to bring fear’ I am helping you to be one step ahead ‘ this may not happen at all’ it may not happen for many years  but my feeling tells me that big changes are coming so yes I am prepared not from fear but from empowerment and it’s the sensible thing to do.

I want to finish off by saying to all of you that are really struggling right now ‘ the best way to keep yourself above this energy is to do what is right for you’ do not feel guilty if you are not doing your light worker duties for  a while’ step back until you feel good to go again’  keep researching ‘ gain more knowledge ‘the more the better’ this is empowering at its best , stay healthy’ and make sure you move your physical body’ spend time in prayer daily and stay connected to your guides’ God’ the Ascended Masters Archangels Guardian Angels or whoever you feel connected with’ you have not been forgotten about!  You are being asked to lay low for a while to recharge ‘if you have emotions coming up then I suggest facing them because until you do they will just keep coming!  Make sure you laugh ‘have some fun ‘ stop worrying and release any fear about the earth changes ‘ trust that whatever is happening is for the future of this planet’ your children and their children and so on! You do not have to go through this alone’ many of us are here to assist through these times.

I wish you well on your ascension journey’ the spiritual hierarchy and cosmic hierarchy are with you always,

Love you all

Charleen Anna Louise


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  THE ORKNEYS [Scotland]

From 5th to the 12th August 2016

  By Charleen Anna Louise

14054234_838164189654580_8272850410021557943_n Inside Cuween Tomb


Wow where do I begin! me and my partner Nick have had such a wonderful experience going back in time 5000 years! I feel so lucky to have been taken to a place that nick has already traveled but loved it so much he just had to go back and this time with me ‘  if you like archaeology then stick with me and have a read and allow us to show you something wonderful’ I do like archaeology but I didn’t know just how much until I spent time on the Orkneys in Scotland ‘I went with an open mind and a desire to learn and see something new and as someone that works for spirit I knew that I was being guided to go for a reason  which made me even more interested.

The Orkneys are a group of island’s north of  Scotland known for their remoteness and archaeology and changeable weather! This I found out!  We left the UK on Friday the 5th august late afternoon and arrived at the Orkneys the following morning with only a one hour rest! That’s a lot of driving’ around 16 hours , we decided on no bed and breakfasts and no campsites’ we would live and travel in our Renault van which had a bed in the back’  because we arrived at night time on the sat ‘we just parked up by the sea and went to sleep , Sunday morning we started our day with posh coffee in my cafetiere and had breakfast ‘cleaned up in the public toilets and we went to the “TOMB OF THE EAGLES” after we were pulled out of the sand by a tractor!!  Yes we actually did get stuck in the sand which brought a few laughs to start off the day.   Tomb of the eagles is a Neolithic burial chamber dating back 5000 years ‘we first had a look at some of the finds which included humans sculls ‘bones and other items before walking through open fields to see a bronze age site which was some sort of ancient sauna ‘after this we walked by the cliff edge next to the sea towards where the tomb was ,there was something really magical in this walk, the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks with great views and as we got closer to the tomb I could feel the energy of peace and love’  a feeling that I was not expecting at all’ has I got closer I noticed a small tunnel which was the entrance leading into the tomb which was built into the rocks, [ here is a video of me coming out from the tomb  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T9g9FILDJs


before I could think about it, I found myself laid back on a board on wheels and I was pulling myself along with the rope above me into the tomb ‘we were alone and this gave me a chance to tune into the energy ‘ it was beautiful inside and as I tuned in ‘I found myself feeling the love from the ancestors and the peace ‘ the peace was that no spirits were actually connected’stuck’earthbound or in trauma’ this tomb held over 27 human bodies and all of them had passed into spirit with ease, they also found over 20 eagle talons along with the bodies ‘  it is said that these people worshiped the birds and they would leave out the body to be de fleshed by the eagle before putting the bones into the tomb ‘ DE fleshing the body was very important 5000 years ago ,we spent awhile here before heading to the next tomb which was called “CUWEEN TOMB”

13907065_834069440064055_177996000212306050_nCuween Tomb

on the mainland not far from a place called Kirkwall ,we had to walk up a big hill and it was a windy day, the setting for the tomb was just beautiful and I loved the energy of this place’ you may think it is strange of me to say that I love the energy of tombs but if you were inside one then you would understand what I mean about total peace ‘harmony’ balance and love ‘honor and respect that these people had for their loved ones and pets’ this tomb had over 20 human skulls found along with bone and the bones of 24 dogs ,we spent awhile here and then sat on the grass outside just thinking about the people all those years ago carrying there dead up that hill! And through a little tunnel.   I was tired thinking about it and was ready to go home to our van ‘we found a lovely spot to camp by the sea and headed back for the night.

Monday morning we woke up to extreme winds! And I really do mean extreme ‘we could not leave our van so we decided to stay inside where it was safe and just rest ‘not the easiest thing to do !to stay inside a small van with no windows all day and all night’ with just a mad dash for the loo when needed ‘I didn’t waste my day ‘I spent my time reading and then went to sleep around 8pm praying that Tuesday  would be better’  which it was the wind was still up but not as powerful so we headed off to another tomb which was called “TOMB OF THE OTTERS “5500 years old ,this tomb was not excavated and still held the bodies of over 200 humans which included adults children and babies ‘I crawled through the slim tunnel and once inside I tuned in to the energy which I thought would be powerful considering the bodies were still there but once again I found true peace and every one of the souls had crossed to their rightful place with love ‘I am beginning to understand now just how much these people 5000 years ago truly understood about spirit and how important it was to make sure the soul crossed into the light ‘ we have no photos of this tomb out of respect .

After leaving this tomb we then drove to “SKARA BRAE


which is a Neolithic village on the mainland this village is 5000 years old ‘this was set right next to the sea and was just stunning’ my first thought was how they lived so close together and how cosy their homes were ‘ each home had beds and a dog bed! A fire pit in the middle and storage space and a dresser all made out of stone ‘this was the new stone age ‘everything that these people made were from stone’ bones and animal furs ‘they hadn’t discovered metals yet ‘I actually felt at home here and could easily set up camp in one of these homes ‘as an intuitive medium I just felt although I was between worlds! I could see the people ‘the fires ‘hear the drums laughter and feel the love of community ‘something we have lost! I was now starting to see why spirit had led me to the Orkneys and that was to see how the people 5000 years ago lived and worked together something that we may have to do in the very near future!.

After spending time in the 5000 year old village we walked around a nearby house called the  skaill house circa 1800 which is a big time difference ‘the house belonged the the owner of the land where they found the Neolithic village ‘ I have to be very honest with you and tell you that walking around this house left me feeling flat! Every room I entered I felt unsettled ‘why?  Because this house was filled with people who were ruled by ego ‘greed’ pain’ these were not spiritual people in the sense that I am or the people 5000 years ago was ‘I felt the whole thing and left.

We finished our wonderful day by spending time in a place called yesnby which was by the sea cliffs with stunning views out to the ocean.


Wednesday  morning we woke up to the sun but still windy and it wasn’t very warm which made it slightly difficult in the van to manoeuvre  around but we managed, I made use of the sun and went along the beach collecting shells before heading off to a pace called STENNESS CIRCLE


‘I had only ever known about Stonehenge so to come across other stone circles that were 1000 years older than Stonehenge was great, around where the stones were they were also small Neolithic homes and a temple of great importance for those times  called BARN HOUSE  see my video here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUpLexUEYGo

We then went to see a big archaeological dig at a place called NESS OF BRODGAR

the village that they were still digging was 5000 years old but they have also recently found another village or town underneath this one which is 7000 years old [ Mesolithic ] so there’s still so much to learn from this site ,we also went to the stone circle called RING OF BRODGAR ‘so much energy from this day .

Thursday we caught a boat across to an island called ROUSEY ,it was raining and rather cold so I had my waterproofs on and all wrapped up ‘love being on the sea we spent the day visiting tombs one was called BLACK HAMMER TOMB ‘ another called KNOWE OF YARSO and another called TAVEASOE TUICK ,we then went to most biggest one which was called MIDHOWE  which we had to do quite a trek to get to’ right next to the ocean and alongside other ruins from the iron age dating back 2000 years ‘I was tuning into so many energies and for a moment I forgot what time period I was in! we caught the boat back to the main island and had an early night’ I was feeling damp and really would of loved a long hot bath ‘ did I mention that it was day 6 and I had not had a shower or washed my hair’ good old baby wipes .

Friday was wet windy and cold but we still plodded along ‘we went into a town called KIRKWALL and looked around ‘ended up in a café having a coffee ‘before heading off to a rather large tomb called MAES HOWE 5000 years old!  inside this tomb was evidence that the Vikings had being in because they had wrote all over the insides ‘VIKING GRAFFITI! Some say that they had to take shelter inside because of a storm and some say they went inside to rob’ I would say both, lovely respectful Vikings!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and collecting shells along the windy beach,


Spirit showed me what we have lost as a human race ‘how far apart we have become ‘how disconnected we are from our neighbors ‘how disrespectful  we have become ‘how greedy’ how ignorant humanity has become and how lost we have become from source and ourselves’ spirit of the land [Orkneys] spoke to me over the 7 days and very clearly ‘they showed me that 5000 years ago and before that how  they honored spirit ‘ everything that they did was guided by a higher thing ‘ they had no reason for greed because material items did not exist’ they had no wars because weapons did not exist’ not in the way we see weapons ! [no weapons have been found to date] they worked together as a team’ community and lived a very peaceful life’ they worshiped animals and there dead’ spending days carrying big rocks and some of these rocks weighed 30 tons!! Up hills to the destination they chose to build there tombs’ they carefully placed the bones in chambers and the sculls in the direct sunlight coming  through the tunnel entrance which lined up with the solstice ‘they would spend time in the tombs lighting fires and respecting the dead and when the tombs were full ‘they would seal the tomb . small things meant  a lot to them’ shells and rocks were there treasure’s.

I was shown what our world could be like if we choose not to be controlled by our egos and fears and if we ascend spiritually’ open our hearts ‘come together,I was shown that we have lost how to be happy with very simple things’ how we depend upon the need for material items ‘ I was shown just how lost humanity really is and how far away we have gone from what we really should be!


I thank the spirit of Orkney for showing me what I need to know and what I need to do for the future of humanity ‘ although i already know about this ‘ i feel it was more of an impact to actually feel the energy of a peaceful civilization ,a time is upon us where great changes are happening and one day very soon we will have to come away from all the noise and come back into peace ‘ where balance and harmony is needed .

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Right now our Pineal Glands are being activated by streams of inter-galactic healing frequencies and communication’s streaming through the cosmos and entering our energy bodies.

These communications and frequencies awaken dormant strands of DNA, trigger dormant memories of life on other worlds and have the power to heal humanity of all sickness and disease.

cleaning’ healing’ and decalcifying our Pineal Gland enables us to understand and assimilate this intergalactic communication without fear. The Pineal Gland is also a channel for guidance from higher planes.
If you are seeking enlightenment and are serious about ascension’ then detoxing your pineal gland is a must’ if your pineal is blocked and shut down ‘how is it possible to open up into the true light being that you are ‘ if you have read about the pineal gland in my chakra and aura chapter then you will understand what I am talking about’ if you missed it then please go back because it is important for your journey ‘Calcification is an issue that occurs to everyone, but it’s increased in individuals that eat a poor diet.. This causes your pineal gland to calcify quickly. Most people by the age of 18! Have calcified pineal gland! This disrupts your natural rhythms and hormones and prevents you from tapping into your own spiritual senses’ it may be that you are a spiritual healer and teacher ‘medium and sometimes you feel a bit blocked with receiving messages from the other side or your gifts are just not awakening quickly enough! It is probably time for you to do the pineal detox . and some of the best ways are to eliminate junk foods and your fluoride exposure. You need to get enough raw, healthy foods to help decalcify and support the pineal gland. When you hear spiritual teaches preaching about changing your diet ‘it is because they know the importance of this!
So below I have given you what I feel needs to be taken on board and placed into your life ‘ believe me ‘you will also feel the results ! and never look back



Most important one for me is avoiding fluoride ‘use fluoride free toothpaste ‘ and mouthwash’ fluoride is toxic to your body and calcifies your pineal gland which shuts down your psychic abilities! You can purchase fluoride free toothpaste in any health shop’ it is important to start your children on this because most children swallow large amounts of this toothpaste and can cause issues for them in later life ‘so make the switch! It is difficult to cut out all fluoride in the beginning because it is in your water so take step by step’ Don’t become overwhelmed by this ! just  make changes as you go ‘ call your local water board to see if fluoride is actually in the water system’ some towns do not have it in’ I am lucky as they don’t add it to the water here ‘ however if they do then you will need to purchase an reverse osmosis water filter’ the normal water filters you have in your kitchen do not remove fluoride’ they can be costly so it is important to shop around to find the right price for you ‘ but money should be no object when it comes to something as important as this’ use your manifestation skills!  some websites that you can check out are eastmidlandwater.com osmiowater.com fluoride water filters on amazon, purewaterfreedom.com/filter-fluoride , these are just a few and will explain more in detail about what it is you need to know .
Try to minimize consumption of processed drinks! eg. Fizzy sugar drinks and reconstituted juices ‘all drinks that are made from concentrate are often manufactured with fluoride tap water ! my advice to you is stop all together as they do much more than calcify your pineal gland!

sunshine new
Soaking in the Sun’s energy has a tremendous affect on the pineal gland and decalcification. You can do this daily for 3-5 minutes, it doesn’t take long. Your pineal is a crystal and reacts remarkably to our Sun. also take off your sunglasses! Close your eyes and allow the sun in’ just do this for a few min’ your eyes need the sun to come through’ shades can block this .
Eat more greens and Veg!

The more alkaline foods you get into your system the more you are feeding the pineal gland and other crucial parts of your being. Foods that have been charged with sunlight are electrifying and pineal decalcifying! You can check your ph. level too if you feel guided’ you can purchase ph. strips on eBay or amazon for cheap and test where you are’ you need to be more alkaline in your body for so many other health reasons too .. Alkaline foods are your greens.

Maintain positive thoughts and actions

This may seem a little mild but your own thoughts can play a big part in blocking this gland from expanding “there is great power in your state of mind. Thoughts can also be toxic.


Take Blue Green Algae and other chlorophyll rich “super foods
This is basically similar to eating more veggies but you are adding a more powerful punch. Other superfoods include chlorella, spirulina, sea moss, and wheatgrass I have this every day! It works ‘ you can add it to your smoothies or just water .
Use herbs
Using herbs like mugwort, wood betony, alfalfa, parsley, and gotu kola have wonderful healing properties. You can make a tea or grind it and sprinkle on a salad; I have heard that you can burn it like sage too. I haven’t tried this so please let me know how you feel when burning it.

Place a crystal on your brow chakra daily

Woman with Quartz Crystal on Third Eye
Woman with Quartz Crystal on Third Eye

Meditating with a crystal is energetically beneficial for pineal decalcification. Some of the favourites are amethyst, clear quartz, sodalite, and lapis lazuli. You can lay down and place one on the brow and you feel the energy magnifying into the third eye and pineal. I was obsessed with doing this in the beginning ‘ it really is powerful .


Both of these herbs oregano oil and neem extract help in the purification process, they help to remove any existing calcification within the pineal gland and also at the same time purifying the body neem has been used for thousands of years  in India this way and oregano oil is becoming very popular and known for its power in healing ‘I grow my own in the garden.

Raw, organic chocolate in its purest form can help detoxify the pineal gland because of cacao’s high antioxidant content. Cacao will also help stimulate the third eye. Be very respectful to cacao! Don’t eat too much’ I make my energy balls and brownies with this ‘it is very powerful ‘make sure you purchase organic.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

A natural detox, but not for everyone’ if you suffer from digestive issues then small amount or not at all’ as this is after all acidic ‘ raw apple cider vinegar helps decalcify the pineal gland due to its malic acid properties. Malic acid is an organic compound that gives fruits their sour taste. Many people will advise others to use this as a support for the digestive system or clearing candida ‘however I have tried and tested this in the beginning with my digestive issues and it didn’t work’ digestive issues stem from not having a healthy digestive enzyme [ stomach acid ] so just a quick tip if you do suffer from digestive issues! Try neat celery juice every morning on an empty stomach’ for the ones who are ok then feel free to try the raw apple cider vinegar just make sure it is organic and in a glass bottle .

Another good supplement that can be used to remove fluoride from the human body is the mineral Boron. It can be found in beetroot, which can be eaten raw, steamed, cooked as well as in a powder supplement. It is also present in other foods, such as dried plums. Borax is an inexpensive source of boron that can be bought in most grocery stores. Always do your research ‘ always get the best quality for you .

Iodine has been medically proven to help the body to shed sodium fluoride through the process of urination. Many people are low in this mineral so if you feel you need to get checked then do so’ the only issue that I want to point out and make you aware of is the fact that when taking lodine it also lowers calcium levels in your bones; so in order not to deplete your levels too low, you should take a calcium supplement when eating foods that contain Iodine. Always do your research and do what feels right for you’


This is a hard one because many of us have these old fillings! But cannot afford to have them removed’ if you can then this is something to think about ‘ I was all confused about this because I know how dangerous they are and was told by so many to have them out as soon as possible ‘ however when I read the book Medical Medium which I highly recommend ‘he advises us that if the fillings are not breaking or crumbling or causing issue’s then it would be safer to leave them in’ I still have mine in because it scares me if the dentist messes up ‘I could suffer more! A good dentist who specialises in this must use a cut and section approach to removal, use a dental dam and use a special ventilator during the procedure. Hot drilling of mercury fillings can do more harm than good. I am still looking into this and the cost! Mercury fillings leach into the body, poisoning the Pineal Gland and putting a serious dampener on one’s ability to travel multi-dimensionally. Anyone with mercury toxicity may want to consider juicing fresh cilantro daily. If you cannot get to the dentist and you cannot afford the treatment then I recommend doing everything possible to detox from mercury
Fluoride’ chlorine and mercury are known as the toxic triangle! And you are advised to detox from all three
Cilantro is a powerful healing herb that is packed with vitamins A, K, & C, minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium, and has more antioxidants than most fruits or vegetables. Cilantro is a powerful heavy-metal detoxifier and is able to remove mercury and aluminium from where it is stored in the fat tissues. Cilantro is able to separate mercury/ heavy metals from the fat tissues and into the blood and then when combined with spirulina it is able to be removed from the body ‘ this is one powerful planet guys don’t ignore it ! Cilantro and spirulina are a miracle combination and is a must for you who are suffering from overdose of heavy metals ‘toxins
Taking Selenium Vitamin c’ is also a great help when detoxing metals ,you can also look at Bentonite/fiber (psyllium drink) and soaking in Bentonite clay .
Make a cilantro pesto’ blend fresh cilantro’ olive oil’ salt and water into a past and have 2 to 3 Table Spoons with your meals ‘ try to have this 3 times a day.


Barley grass juice extract powder: This nutritive grass has the ability to draw heavy metals out of your spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas, thyroid, and reproductive system. Barley grass juice extract prepares the mercury for complete absorption by the spirulina. Drink 1-2 teaspoons mixed into coconut water or juice.

It is important to only use wild blueberries ‘ I have yet to find them locally here in the UK ‘these are excellent for pulling out toxins from the brain and repairing damage that the toxins have created.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
Eating fresh aloe vera leaf juice / flesh is another great way to eliminate your heavy metal detox Aloe is very good at helping flush metals out of your body. For best results, cut off a four-inch section of a fresh aloe leaf If you’re using a home-grown aloe plant, it will likely have smaller, skinnier leaves, so you will need to cut off more). Filet the leaf like a fish, trimming away the green skin and spikes. Scoop out the clear gel,. Blend it into a smoothie or eat as-is. I also use this on my face as a night cream its amazing!!.

This is just a few ideas to get you started on detoxing from mercury / metals toxins ‘ if you are interested in more about the removal of your fillings then you can go to this website to find the correct dentist – www.IAOMT.org and you can get more information here on this website sharpagain.org/safe-removal-of-amalgam-fillings and don’t forget to the book MED-ICAL MEDIUM by Anthony William ‘ it a life saver!.
Back to the pineal gland’ some other ways to keep in mind for decalcifying your pineal gland is to work spiritually’ I have mentioned the physical ways but if you can combine it with working with your Angels and Guides ‘crystals and affirmations then you will see amazing results ‘ detaching from 3d activities such as judging others’ talking negatively about others and questions all the information that is coming through to you in a negative way’ just be open and allow this cosmic energy to work with you on a very deep level ‘ work from the vibration of love and trust your intuition ‘ working with all the information that I have given you will catapult you into where you really want to go ! one of my Guides is Ascended Master Serapis Bey who helps me work with Ascension and will also help you if you call upon him ‘ once you do’ you will notice changes in the way you think towards diet ‘ so be prepared for changes! Serapis Bey is task master and wants to see you evolve ‘

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MY GUIDE SERAPIS BEY HERE   http://www.summitlighthouse.org/serapis-bey/


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Our trip to the Isle of Skye 2015



I was so excited for this trip! We booked it months in advance through pure guidance from spirit ‘ me and nick had only been together 3 weeks when we booked but we both knew in our souls that this trip was a must ‘ and as the weeks passed we got to know each other more ‘fell in love ‘became inseparable ! we knew that we had done the right thing’ it had been a few years since my last travels which were in the USA & Australia and it was long overdue ‘my soul was crying out for adventure an there’s no better place than the Isle of Skye ! ( Scotland) over the weeks leading up we collected bits and pieces and I swapped my designer trainers for hiking boots ‘purchased hiking clothes and waterproofs ‘I was obviously taking my trip seriously lol’ nick even hand crafted me a beautiful hiking stick with the head of my spirit guide Kitchi to accompany me on my walks ‘

The day had finally come to pack up and say goodbye to civilization but there was one slight problem!! The day before we were meant to leave I ended up with a bladder infection which left me going to the emergency doctor and straight onto antibiotics!! This lead to panic because I was to be in a very remote place for 2 weeks! and this was a bad infection!  Not “only did I have this bladder infection I started my women cycle! Mm BAD TIMING! And not only did have this to contend with I then started with IBS!! which i have not had for a long time!  And then I had knee pain and sciatica! lol Wow could this really be happening’ I felt terrible but never the less I plodded along and set off for a 16 hour drive with nick crunched up in the car holding my tummy and looking pale’ we stopped at every rest station we could and took little naps along the way’ we finally reached our destination after getting lost a couple of times’ and getting to our destination was breath taking’ it was raining hard but we didn’t care because the views were stunning and our little cottage by the water with mountain views took my attention away from the fact that I was dealing with my body pains! this was a beautiful setting  with many species of birds ‘river birds ‘garden birds/sea birds and birds of prey ‘we thanked spirit for leading us this way ‘ the first thing that I did was spiritually cleanse every room in the cottage’ cleansing’ bringing the blue cosmic flame’ the violet flame lots of angels and God Source’ I  smudged the whole place with white sage  and set up my crystal alter ‘this was so important for me and should be for everyone’  there was one more thing to do and that was fall into bed ‘it was 3 pm the sun was shining and me and nick fell back onto the bed and that was it’ we woke around 9pm for supper and spent some time outside with our guests ( midges )  ,it was wasn’t long before we both ended up back in bed’ we needed sleep as the following day our hiking adventure begins’


We woke to the smiling sun wow very unexpected because it forecast ed heavy rain  but we are not complaining ‘we ventured off to what is called the fairy pools at coire na crèche ‘breath taking is all I can say’ it was the most beautiful place ‘a very long walk with running water  and mini waterfalls ‘big rocks that led us down a pathway and we started walking up towards the cuillins pronounced  coolins ‘ huge rocky mountains ,this was strenuous for me  but rewarding as we both sat right on the top for a few hour’s ‘the view was spectacular ‘ I spent time here connecting with spirit and mother earth and felt the energy which was so powerful ‘I really felt a sense of belonging here on earth which for me is rare!!  Kitchi (my stick was also accompanying me and I wasn’t surprised at all with the attention that my stick got! ‘We saw a beautiful little frog on our walk and we drank from the stream’ the water was so pure and clean ‘nick also took a bag with him and picked up all the rubbish that others had left behind! It wasn’t a lot but still we found some. we both decided that instead of complaining about seeing rubbish that others leave that we would start to pick it up as we go along mainly in nature ‘it feels right for us’ it was a long day so we headed back home to our cottage where it wasn’t long before I hit the sack” my body was aching but I felt alive.

11403446_646936452110689_7279831892562411036_n 11692690_646936378777363_1687606014096203889_n 11027995_646936292110705_2791202219205234516_n

We woke up once again to the sun smiling down wow  what a great way to start our day ,once we were ready we set off to go to the Quirang ( big mountain) but on the way we stopped to look at this amazing view of the sea’ once we got there we noticed that this view was in fact a beautiful magical place ‘full of greenery everywhere’ waterfalls’ big rocks ‘ the sea ,I sat down to do a meditation  on a ledge with a huge drop leading to the beach it was truly a beautiful picture and this area felt extremely spiritual hence the reason for me wanting to do a meditation here’ and it wasn’t long before I had a connection with spirit ‘someone was touching my hand in a very physical ‘tickling the centre of my palm ’trying to get my attention so I tuned in ‘and this is when I received the message which was so beautiful’ I had a nature spirit with me showing me how important it is to protect our mother earth ‘I was told to write in my book a chapter about our mother earth and the environment’ this was a very magical moment for me ‘ I felt it in my heart chakra ‘the emotion from this spirit and then I felt the energy of mother earth herself vibrating at a high frequency ‘I could feel this in every cell in my body ‘I was then guided to  climbed down to the sea which was quite a hike’ but when we arrived at the bottom safely seeing different species of butterfly’s and bugs and birds along the way ‘ wow what a feeling’s I stood at the foot of the waterfall and could feel spirit all around me showing me ‘allowing me to see and feel the importance of my work here on earth ‘the message was loud and clear to me ‘it was a light bulb moment ‘you see ever since my awakening which was 4 years ago I haven’t traveled ‘I have just been sitting still ‘going through what I was going through spiritually and struggling with my emotions of one minute wanting to be here on earth helping and one min wanting to leave earth because of the harshness and violence of this planet but here I was with spirit showing me how beautiful our earth is and why it was important for us light workers or anyone for that matter to wake up and see it’ and how we should be protecting earth ‘cleaning up ‘my heart chakra opened wide as I felt gratitude for this special moment and I couldn’t wait to start on my new chapter ‘ we spent some time here beach combing  at Lealt Gorge ‘  just soaking up the vibe and then we  drove off to the big mountain the quirang  and this is where it got serious lol  on my body! I pushed my muscles to the limit here but well worth it’ the views were out of this world ‘we passed a place where hundreds of rabbits were living and we saw the ravens which again was a spiritual experience for nick’ he wanted to see them but we couldn’t see any so we asked spirit to bring them, we then sat in a quite spot and very soon 6 ravens came to us with a display and then flew off’ it really was magical to see.

11693975_647450102059324_2378911697484035853_n 11707565_647768505360817_3545703735466965800_n 11745618_650871595050508_2122870956950633564_n 11707521_647768562027478_1525151320990068144_n 11745657_650871688383832_895366751996409352_n

The following day we woke up to rain but our day was still beautiful ‘I was excited to wear my new waterproofs (I am easily pleased lol) my energy was different today! My body felt tired from the previous days walking so nick said we would do a gentle beach walk ‘thank god lol but nicks gentle beach walk was not gentle! Lol this was the day I discovered that nick was in fact a hard core hiker lol we went to this beach in a little town called elgol and the beach was made up of giant pebbles!! And Huge rocks  so we started walking towards camasunary  ‘ I also discovered that I had a fear of wobbly rocks !lol  this wasn’t funny for me ‘ each and every rock that I stepped onto could have been an ankle breaker! And then I had to climb up these huge rocks which we were slippy ‘nick was off ahead while I was hanging off rocks lol every muscle in my body was now being tested ‘could I go on? Did I want to go on? The answer to that question was no so we turned around and started to head back ‘overwhelmed at the grueling task ahead of stepping on the ankle breaking stones once again and don’t forget I am still on antibiotics for my bladder infection and other elements!  but before I started to head back I noticed a dense energy about this town! I just felt miserable and knew that this was spiritual ‘so I brought Archangel Michael and Ascended Master Germaine in to transmute lower energy and clear away anything that needed to go including earth bound souls! and within 20 minutes I felt the lift’  we finally arrive back safely  to the little town where nick rewarded me with tea and scone ‘I decided to head back to the cottage which was a further 3 hours’ drive to soak my over worked body and rest ‘and prepare myself for day 4!

We woke up at 6.30 bright and breezy and ready for our day ahead however today was to be a little calmer!! A forest walk and I walk near the sea where our cottage is ‘my body needed a good rest before we tackled the hiking again’ we spent the morning walking along the pebbled beaches (this time little pebbles!   We were beach combing for shells and drift wood and mother earth was kind to us today! We found treasures galore ‘’ beautiful shells and rocks that sparkled so bright like diamonds so I filled my pockets with these for gifts for my friends and family ‘ the drift wood was so stunning too”” me and nick are very creative and will be creating magic with our findings, the sea was a turquoise blue calm and twinkling in the sun it was just stunning in every way’  we then headed off to the forest Lochalsh house woodland garden with our hiking sticks and back packs and ventured through the forest layered with big trees and foliage ,we came to a tranquil area with a bench and a look out so beautiful’ we had our lunch here ‘ this forest was a little different ‘we both felt the energy of this place and it somehow felt as though the forest didn’t want us to be there so we tuned in spiritually and found that the spirit of the lady that owned the forest didn’t like the public to be here so I calmed her down a little ‘and did my usual thing of spiritually cleansing the area using the violet flame and blue flame ‘ just call me the trans muter ha ha ‘I came here to rest but I guess that’s not in my contract’ when you work for spirit you work for spirit ‘on the way home we spotted a pine martin which was a treat because I had never seen one.

11000489_649154478555553_7735967190529559294_n 11738037_651920064945661_2287190705673341913_n

After a great night’s sleep we woke to find the weather warm but cloudy but this didn’t stop me and nick’ again we decided to do a gentler walk if there’s such a thing here in Skye!! We walked about 6 miles up and down hills that were rocky so it did challenge my already aching legs but I feel that I am here on the island of Skye to challenge myself and to change my health ‘my mind and spirit ‘we followed this path down the hill that reached a beach ‘ a beautiful beach ‘my kind of beach lol  no rocks ‘ I spent awhile here speaking with the spirit of the sea before tackling that hill again ‘ this walk took us much of the day so after we just headed home to rest ‘I was shattered! In fact every day since I’ve been here I am shattered but I do feel alive and it’s such a wonderful accomplishment to feel empowered this way.

Way hay’’ this morning is a very rainy day and a chance for me to wear my full waterproofs ‘ we drove about 3 hours today to a place called neast point ‘by the see next to a light house’ the views were stunning’ it was raining quite hard ‘with a misty fog ‘thick clouds rolling by so I felt quite proud of myself for tackling this kind of weather ‘ again this walk was hilly and rocky and challenged my legs but I felt powerful so kept on going ‘we walked over the beautiful rocks and finally sat on one and stared out to sea ‘it’s really important for me to connect with spirit in such an open energized space ‘I just sat there whilst the rain poured down and I loved it ‘felt free and to share this experience  with nick was just perfect ‘we then drove 3 hours back and I decided to spend the night writing ‘ I felt inspired and powered ‘and our cosy little cottage was perfect .

11040180_649377448533256_2514576075614504385_n 11219161_649377468533254_7431204038845276546_n 11252158_649377418533259_5171626959267564158_n 11742726_649377411866593_7172523790512233726_n

The weather was heavy rain again today so we decided to stay on low ground ‘ we went to a place called GLEN SLIGACHAN which was situated between the red and black mountains ‘it was beautiful even in the rain , I had quite a spiritual experience here! The spirit of John Mackenzie came through ‘and joined us on our 6 mile hike’  you can read more about John Mackenzie here  http://www.scotland.org.uk/scottish-mountaineers/john-mackenzie   even though this was flat land I still felt the pain in my sciatica ‘I plunged through the pain, the heavy rain and wind ‘ I felt challenged and felt powerful’.

11238960_649773241827010_2428992670513110431_n 11667417_649773281827006_5950876302382388617_n

So here we are half way through our trip and the  weather is still wet and low cloud so again we decided to stay on low ground’ the mountains were covered in cloud and fog ,we drove to the beach corran opposite the knoy dart peninsula which was a pebble beach ,we walked along and combed the beach for goodies which we found’ nick was filling his pockets with treasures from mother earth ‘ drift wood and shells ‘rocks  feathers and so on’ we drove around for a while just inhaling the breath-taking beauty ‘ I really enjoyed today because my body was getting a rest although at one point I thought I was going to get attacked by a dog! It was a boxer and tried to rob nick for his stick’  I felt fear and this brought back a memories from when I was a child when the same type of dog bullied me and here I was getting bullied by this dog’ that little walk back from the beach to our car seemed like the green mile! And what was very interesting is that spirit came to my side! I could feel the right side of me shielded.  Anyhow I am still here to share this story so I’m happy.

11705112_651548521649482_1867875131096103861_n 11750627_650074075130260_7812470064480771638_n

Today we woke and the sun was out yay’ we decided today was a mountain day ‘we climbed Blabhen and this was the most challenging mountain for me! It started with a beautiful walk with green shrubs flowers and  butterflies moths ‘ but as we got further up it soon became much more apparent that my steady walk was to come to an end!! It got steeper ‘and then it got even steeper!!! I had sciatica and my legs hurt but I plodded along and made it to the coire ‘it started to rain here so I togged up and it was just beautiful ‘the fog came in ‘here we were standing 30 minutes from the actual summit and the fog came in thick ‘it truly was a magical moment ‘I couldn’t believe that I actually made it up ‘we walked 10 mile’s today and my body knew it’

11214137_650462515091416_347007649005463722_n 11225438_650462511758083_6945162428679765220_n 10424244_650462568424744_7208351761502689188_n 11141768_650462541758080_2796811022547677610_n 11215843_650462535091414_789933887494513242_n 11703163_650462558424745_5509162261808040836_n

I really felt guided to go back to the quirang  I felt most drawn to this mountain’ we walked further this time’ we saw a golden eagle ‘ I found a tiny cute feather after asking for a big eagle one ‘I am sure spirit were having a laugh’ ‘ we had a display from the ravens ‘again! The views were stunning ‘trying to walk and look at the views was really hard work for me’ cliff drops are dangerous!!lol  we also stopped at a view point just before the mountain which overlooked the sea ‘my body was now telling me that I needed rest so the last few days we decided to rest our bodies’ we walked along the coral beach’ we then spent time at the cottage which was wonderful ‘listening to the bees and bugs and sound of birds and the sheep’cows’the gentle sound of the wind and the water as it flowed’ just beautiful’ on the last night I found this very powerful!! I sat on my own near the water’s edge and spoke with Great Spirit ‘and I felt my reply I then spoke with mother earth’ and then my galactic family’ I had a very intense emotional experience!! It felt as though the past two weeks had been a lesson and tonight I graduated’ I had finally found a reason to plant my feet firmly into mother earth ‘I finally felt as though I belonged and that my mission was more important than I first realized ‘ I thanked mother earth for her teaching’s ‘I felt extremely emotional at this moment ‘ I could feel my star family who also were emotional at the fact that I finally felt at home here on earth ‘I spent a few moments in silence with gratitude for my lessons ‘my experience’ and now I am ready for my next challenges .

Thank you all for following my Journey in Skye Love & Light to you all x

Charleen & Nick

Please listen to my words about my experience with Mother Earth by clicking the link’s below






11707839_650871751717159_2193798310087785355_n 10568942_652094521594882_7869139166352621970_n 11009894_648355298635471_1740162056988979685_n 11238736_651101258360875_4112557536666592302_n 11737899_650871628383838_7222060435657573394_n


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A message from Stress!!

By Charleen Anna Louise
Humanity is Ascending ‘spiritually awakening and instead of me just seeing pockets of people raising their frequencies I’m now seeing a collective consciousness awakening! God source is shining down on us all by the bucket load so let’s embrace this new era and plunge through whatever we have to plunge through to get to our destination ‘

I wanted to write a small piece about stress! You know that emotion that cripples us! Holds us back and makes us really sick! Stress is a word an emotion that we see as a negative thing’ it becomes part of our life as we try to hold down stressful jobs’ while paying bill’s trying to bring the children up and all while coping with various illness ‘it plagues us ‘taunts us drives us crazy until we are red in the face and our head feels like someone has taken a sledge hammer to it ‘ it’s hard to break free from stress’ which then causes depression ‘frustration’ anger and so on ‘ it’s a vicious circle but if we just stop for one second! And really dive deep into what the message could be you could actually surprise yourself knowing that stress can actually help you ‘


so let’s look at the positive sides of stress” in these times of earths ascension /global spiritual awakening we have a huge universe that is trying to get our attention’ we are all evolving our DNA is changing and we are shifting into a higher frequency ‘a higher consciousness ,you can’t stop this sorry guys ‘you can either go with it or resist it and we all know what resisting can do ! ‘ many of you are resisting but the universe knows how important it is for you to ascend as a soul so will keep nudging’ the universe God source can see your situation ‘ your stressful life with multiple jobs ‘ various illness and so on ‘and maybe just maybe that the only way for you to wake up and evolve ‘move forward is to reach a very stressful point in your life ‘to a point where you just can’t cope anymore and you feel you want to give up ! you feel as though you are being attacked by stress’ bullied by stress /you feel that the universe is against you humanity is against you when in fact it’s quite the opposite ‘ stress is making itself known in a much more aggressive way for you to take notice’ for you to look deeper into your own situation ‘the way you live your life ‘stress will cause illness for you to pay attention to your body ‘look at it like little warnings ‘ pay attention because this isn’t a joke or a game this is reality of your life that can be changed for the better ‘stress is asking you to look at what you can change? What improvements are needed ‘stress has a great reputation for guiding people into meditations and meditations then lead to you going deeper into your soul and once you are deeper in your soul this is where your spiritual path starts’ so stress is actually a friend that can change your life forever if we listen to it’ if we don’t listen to stress then be prepared for a bumpy ride through life and illness! And most importantly missing the opportunity to evolve. When we are stressed we stop! We don’t move’ we become blocked stagnant and disconnected from source ‘basically we are lost and the universe loves you enough to turn your life upside down if it means getting you started again ‘ whether it’s moving physically or mentally ‘we humans don’t survive well if we become stagnant ! So the next time you feel stressed ask yourself what changes can you make in your life and then act upon them.say thank you to stress for your lessons and break free ,








By Charleen Anna Louise and her spirit guide Kitchi



I wanted to write a blog about the dark night of the soul because I feel it’s one of the most important transitions that you will go through regarding ascension ‘ although not everybody will go through it I find that many are !After receiving emails from people who are spiritually awakening and doing all kinds of healing and releasing on themselves they still feel blocked and when I say blocked what I mean is that they are blocked/stuck in a very dark place ‘I know exactly what they mean because in the beginning of my awakening I had to go through the dark night of the soul!! And it wasn’t easy at all’ it felt like a dark energy was suffocating me and I saw no way out ‘but I am here to say that there is a way out so hang in there ‘

I find that many people who are spiritually awakening’ascending are going through or have been through this ‘ I also find that there’s not enough information on the internet  that’s why I thought I would write this blog  ‘ I love to bring enlightenment about the dark side of everything because this is reality’ we often get told to focus on the light ‘ meditate ‘say prayer’ affirmations and so on ‘even I teach this but reality is where there is light there is dark and many of you will experience this in some way ‘ we need to experience the dark to appreciate the light ‘ we need to love the dark so we can truly love the light are you with me?
So the dark night of the soul is where your Ego [false you] is dying and you are starting to become your true self which is divine love and that’s why we should love the dark night because it’s helping you to truly become one with all and at peace, you are starting to recognize that ego is just an illusion! This can happen at any time of your life but I find that the biggest percent of people are ascending awakening and gaining more spiritual knowledge ‘opening up and when this happens our ego wants to play! Our ego wants to fight for control ‘I have a blog about ego in more detail on my website

‘the dark night is what I feel one of the most powerful things you can experience that will help you grow spiritually and become super strong” however when we are actually going through it ‘we feel like death ‘depressed’ no hope’ no way out ‘lost and we just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and some people will commit suicide! ‘It’s a scary place to be I know!
As humans we naturally run away from anything negative the dark but what I can tell you is that if you are ascending then there’s no escape ,if you run then it will chase you’ this darkness is your friend and has surfaced for a very important reason ‘ my advice to you is stop running and face it ‘and the sooner the better , a lot of people feel as though they have failed because they have spiritually worked on themselves for months only to find themselves in this darkness but you need to show gratitude for this darkness ,when you find yourself in this place what you are actually in is transition to become more light ‘ all the pain you feel while in the dark night is your soul resurfacing emotions that you have tried to suppress for many years and even past lives! This is a big clear out for your soul and vital for ascension , this pain is showing itself for you to heal it with love ‘ while you are in this pain you feel disconnected from source unloved ‘lonely’ yet this pain you are feeling from the dark night is connecting with you and showing you love! Its allowing you to confront things and face emotions ‘ the dark night wants you to grow stronger ‘so you could say that this is like some sort of test from the universe God ‘source ‘

God has big plans for you why else would you be going through this ! a test of your strength ‘this is what ascension is all about ‘climbing up the dimensional scale and becoming one ‘ the depression that you feel is a spiritual depression’ it’s not a clinical one’ spiritual depression is where you are depressed for no reason ‘no person or situation has affected you ‘ you’ve tried everything to break out of this depression but nothing works ‘your whole life is effected by this and the more to you try to get out of the dark night run away from it the more it chases you and persists! So many emotions will surface ‘anger’frustration’self-pity’ helplessness’ shame and guilt but these emotions want you to face them not run away, they want you to love them get to know them they are trying very hard to get your attention so you need to face and accept them ‘these emotions can be healed just by acceptance and with love or by using healing methods such as the emotion code,



while going through the dark night your energy is taken by your ego! And you probably lose all interest in things ,you are resisting the inevitable I feel that many people don’t want to get out of the dark night and what I mean by this is fear! You don’t like the situation where you are but to leave the dark means letting go of a lot of suffering and pain and emotions that you have carried for many lifetimes! It means big changes ‘probably losing your identity so you will find yourself feeling stuck between the dark night and moving forward it’s a limbo feeling and not a nice one ‘but for you to ascend and get out of the dark night you have to let go and your ego will put a big fight up at this time ‘you are on the cusp! Ego is scared of you becoming the master and will throw everything it’s got your way so be prepared and be strong ,the ego wants you to surrender to it’ but the only thing you should surrender to is the light ,no matter what ego throws at you remember we should be grateful because the ego is pushing you to where you want to be which is the light ‘ ego thinks it’s clever but we are much more clever “” it’s a blessing in diquise ,the reason why you will find yourself in the dark night is because you are starting to remember what you truly are ‘ a light being of love ,


I get asked a lot about how we get out of the dark night and this all depends on you the individual ‘ are you ready for big changes ‘ are you ready to face fear to face ego’ are you ready to face your emotions and then let go ‘ the quicker you do this then the quicker you come out of it ‘the longer you resist the longer you stay in it’ I won’t sugar coat this because I know how serious this is remember I went through it ‘ letting go of addiction ‘ where we battle with ourselves which is something we love to to do , we battle with our ego every day and ego loves this! We are scared to come out of it because we are scared of the unknown! But I’m here to tell you that the unknown is Love which is your true soul ‘
The first step to getting out of the dark night is to recognize it’ to know and understand that what you are experiencing is a blessing and you are well on your way to ascending higher into the light and becoming one, this is a natural process for your soul, a spiritual detox embrace it and ride the waves and once you embrace it you will naturally speed up the process, the next step is to do nothing! Which is a very hard thing to do because ego will try to trip you up in so many way’s it will shout at you and try to bring fear to you but when we do nothing and accept it ego is basically dying ‘ you need to rest and allow the process to happen you have more power and this really show ego ‘ notice the emotions that you feel in your body and feel them and think about the thoughts you are having ‘ show them love ‘embrace them ,thank them and say goodbye ,acknowledge any thoughts that you are resisting ‘ remember resisting = persisting
I also believe that if we hold our intention in gratitude for being here on earth right now to be able to experience everything we are experiencing I believe this will help you out of the dark night ‘earth is a school these are your lessons and you are about to pass your exam so take time to embrace this dark ‘it’s your friend and a great teacher ‘without the dark you wouldn’t find the light that you are about to find! If you are in this situation right now them keep this in mind ‘ you are the light and you always have been ‘ego is the false you ‘ love is the real you ‘ embrace and face this dark time ‘don’t be scared of it ‘ you are on the cusp of something so beautiful and you will become super strong for it’ it’s a big transition it’s a rebirth a transformation but you can do it , allow your love and light to dissolve the darkness within and around you ‘ call upon Archangel Michael ‘Chamuel and Raphael to help you through it and of course your own angels and guides and God ‘ you are loved and very blessed and remember nothing lasts forever ‘ you will come out it .

Love to you all from Charleen and her spirit guide kitchi x

embrace the day



New Image




New Image

Painting by Charleen Anna Louise

Arcturian Activation for power and strength



Finished your day at work again

There’s a familiar feeling!

Is this going to ever end

The me the world is teasing

The stress and the worry

Tries’ to take control of your life

Prevents you from reaching your goal

So you reach out to a friend named jack

Who keeps you in the low!


Your eyes are firmly closed

Like prison doors

But you can be free

You just need to want more

Governments play with your heart & soul

Promising security for when you get old

Telling you that you need to fight ‘work hard

But what we need to do is fight for what’s right

It’s time to open your eyes

And stand up for what you believe in


Third world countries dying in poverty

In a rich world!

The people in power in their big homes

They just don’t care


We need to stand up for what we love

Because they just don’t care

The power has now been given to us


Working 60 hours a week

Just to pay bills

Bills are growing steep

you are losing sleep

Will you ever get in control?

Maybe not

Because at the moment they’re in control

Until we stand up and fight

And bring to this world more light

You’ve got to keep on fighting

You know it deep down inside

You’ve got to open your eyes

And fight for what is right


It’s hard to find food without pollution

Monsanto’’’ it’s all about the money isn’t it!?

Years ago when the food was clean

We were healthy strong human beings

Now we have GMO’ and growth hormones

Our children don’t even stand a chance

Unless we open our eyes

And fight for what is right

It’s now about the children

The future is in our hands

You’ve got to do what is right

Time to make a stand


Factory farms

Where animals are crying

Money making objects

Do they know what they’re  doing!

We forget they are living

With a beating heart

Just like you and me they want to be free

A world full of greed

Emotions stop running

It’s all about the money

But the pain s real for me

It’s not about the money

It’s about being free

Are you with me?


People fight at war

Using guns taking drugs to survive

Gang members with tattoos

To show power in their tribe

But all they want is peace

Driven by fear and contaminated thoughts

They walk around their neighbourhood

Trying to cut someone’s life short

When really all they want is to be free

Love and Support

They’ve been taught how to fight

But what they really need

Is to fight for what is real

Which is peace?

They need to open their eyes

And open their hearts to peace


Millions of people are now coming together

We are awakening as one

It’s the ordinary people

That will take back the power

And one day soon

We will say

We have won’

Let’s stand together

Among the suffering and the pain

Let’s shine our light

Bring forth our faith

Let’s change this world

For our children’s sake

And do the right thing

Let’s join as one and let our hearts sing

For only then will it be peace on earth.




Thank you for reading my words

Blessings to all of you








Starseed Volunteer Poem by Charleen

starseed volunteer



A warrior I stand tall

I heard the call

Pushed through crowds of souls

Standing proud

Before the masters crown

My cells are shouting

Let me be chosen

Let me go down incarnate

Let me help turn that world around

My heart is pleading

My soul is crying

For mother earth

She’s in pain but she’s  trying

She’s fighting

Her light is dimming

But she’s still shining

And I am coming

I have been chosen

I waste no time

In incarnating

So this is what it’s like

In the reality of life

On planet earth

Which is suffering

Where I was from it seemed so bright

I had no fear when I raised my hand high

To the master with the crown

I had no idea

What was to become

Once my feet touched the ground

To feel pain from everything

This nearly tore me down

I nearly held up my white flag

So I could escape back to pure joy

Among the stars

With my star family

But I knew that this was not the case

I had signed a contract

From my heart and soul to God

My master with the crown

That I would do everything in my power

To help bring the system down

Tear down old beliefs and structures

And allow new ones to form

New ones made out of love

Grow roses instead of thorns

And to know that I can be a part of this

Illuminates my soul

Brings joy to every cell

From my head to my toes

And even though my days

Here on earth are lonely

I am grateful

That I was chosen

To assist my master with the crown

I am grateful that I volunteered

To come down.

Poem by Charleen Anna Louise