Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, or vortex, and it refers to each of the seven energy centers of which our consciousness, our energy system, is composed.

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What are Chakras?

In the spiritual movement the word Chakra pops up quite a bit.  That’s fine if you know what it means.  Pretty confusing if you don’t.  The following is a short explanation of what the Chakra System is all about.

The Human Energy Field or Aura is an energetic, multi-dimensional field that surrounds penetrates, and is the human body.  It has rivers of energy called meridians that nourish every organ and cell in our bodies.  These rivers are supplied by seven cone shaped, spinning vortexes of energy called chakras (pronounced “Shock-ra”).  These chakras, in turn, collect energy from the Universal Energy Field that is all around us.

The seven chakras carry the colors of the rainbow spectrum.  The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine carries the color red.  The Sacral Chakra, our creative center, vibrates to the color orange.  The Solar Plexus Chakra, our self centeredness, carries the color yellow.  The Heart Chakra, our feeling center, resonates with the color green.  The Throat Chakra, responsible for our expression, carries the color blue.  The Brow Chakra radiates indigo is responsible for our dreams and questioning of spiritual things.  And the Crown Chakra radiates a violet or white, the highest vibrational rate in the spectrum.

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What is the cause of blocked Chakras?
Chakras can become blocked through an emotional upset, such as conflict, loss, or accident.  Fear, anxiety and stress are common causes of chakra malfunction.  When blocks accumulate in the field, a disruption in the flow of energy through the Chakras result.  It is these blocks that disrupt the Harmony in the field and eventually are the cause of disease, as well as, emotional and mental disorders in the physical body.


 How do the Chakras get back in balance?
A healing art called Reiki, is a beautiful, loving way to balance the chakras.  It is a non-manipulative technique used to channel healing energy to the client through the practitioner’s hands.  Using certain touch points on or off the body, the field is cleared of blocks, the chakras are restructured and a new level of awareness is reached.



The root chakra also known as the 1st chakra is located at the base of our spine. This is an energy center that is associated with how we feel about our physical existence.

A healthy root chakra allows us to feel grounded, safe and secure in this world. An overactive root chakra causes us to be too preoccupied with survival and bodily needs. A deficient root chakra causes us to feel insecure and afraid.

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The Sacral Chakra also known as the 2nd chakra  is Located at about three inches below the navel.  Colour is orange (representing creativity and wisdom).

Governed by the gonads, it looks after our pelvic girdle, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder and all body liquids.

The sacral chakra is associated with our relationships with others, our ability in giving and receiving, sexual / passionate love, and our creativity,it’s also our gut feelings! helps with warnings!

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The Solar Plexus Chakra also known as the 3rd chakra  is a center of personal strength, learning and comprehension. It guides you through life by creating a strong sense of self, setting personal boundaries and building self esteem and willpower. The ability to bring change into your life and to the world is born within this Chakra

A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra boosts self esteem, respect for others, calmness and initiative. You feel friendly, joyful and confident. A balanced chakra helps you live a deeply fulfilling emotional life and take an outgoing and sociable attitude to the world.  It helps you feel daring and confident and able to take risks, hence this chakra is associated with the leader, the explorer and the charismatic individual.

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The Heart Chakra  also known as the 4th chakra is our love center; it creates vulnerability, anxiety and dependency but also unconditional love and self love. The Heart Chakra is the center of deep connection and compassion for other people, animals and the environment.and also helps with connection to higher realms ,if your heart chakra is out of balance then Relationships can be ruined by an imbalance of green energy. Excess emotion might lead you to use manipulations or act overdramatically . Under active Heart chakra makes you feel unloved, inferior, fear rejection or avoid being alone.

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Throat Chakra, aslo known as the 5th chakra  represents our ability to communicate and express ourselves. :When it is in balance we can express what we think and what we feel. We can communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions. When the throat chakra is in balance and open, we can bring our personal truth out into the world but When the throat chakra is out of balance the physical symptoms may include sore throats, tight jaws, stiff neck, and headaches. When it is out of balance spiritually you might find yourself habitually lying, feeling fear and doubt about the intentions of others, or find yourself stammering or at a loss for words. You will likely have feelings of being isolated and misunderstood. You may well have symptoms of other chakras being out of balance. This is caused by the throat chakra blocking the energy flow from the other centers.

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Third Eye Chakra is the 6th Chakra and is responsible to what we refer to as “the sixth sense”. The Chakra connects us to our internal intuitions and is responsible for the sharp senses, the ability to read the future and receive non-verbal messages. Through the Third Eye we can  communicate with many world’s  and can even receive messages from the past and from the future. It grants us our sense of observation.When the Chakra is balanced we experience high mental ability, we are able to separate between reality and imagination and best combine logic and emotion. When we live with a balanced Third Eye chakra, we experience overall good health, clear thinking and focus. A healthy third eye chakra will encourage intuition, empathy of others and build trust in oneself.When the Chakra is unbalanced we experience fatigue, day dreaming, sleep problems, lack of assertiveness, inability to listen to others, and may even often feel disoriented. When the Chakra is over active, you may immerse in a world of fantasy and even experience hallucinations.Healthy Third eye chakra is vital if you work with angels or spirits .

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The crown chakra is located at the top of your head it’s called the 7th chakra and If you sense a loss of meaning and identity, your Crown Chakra may be unbalanced. the crown chakra is a bridge to the cosmos, it is a spiritual connection, and through it you can reach your higher potential. It is the energy of knowingness and enlightenment. The Crown Chakra is often described as a slowly blooming Lotus flower, as the evolvement of the spirit during life The Crown Chakra is a door of universal energy and conscience; through it you can reach a higher state of awareness. it leads you beyond materialism to the true nature of life which is abundant in joy, purpose and curiosity. The guidance begins outside yourself, but during this process you will find inner direction.A balanced Crown Chakra gives you access to your subconscious, allows you to see your true nature and to accept the self as a part of the universe.  .An imbalanced chakra makes your road in life harder and bumpier, lacking focus and direction. You’ll experience boredom, frustration and lack of joy that may result in migraines, melancholy, senility and loss of self.

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There are literally thousands of ways you can “heal” and “balance” your chakras. Meditation  and  visualization are both very popular choices, sound is another good method, sight is yet another (using  yantras . Yoga is another very popular way to work on your chakras, and I could go as the list is too long to recite. I like to use Rieki energy and visulisation when balancing chakras

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