I am Archangel Chamuel and I bring you greeting’s today dear child

It is now the time for you to awaken and open your hearts to who you truly are! Humanity is awakening the earth is ascending and many of you right now are experiencing ascension symptoms many of you are starting to open up to receive angelic assistance, many of you can already feel the shift in frequency within your soul’ you are confused right now and that’s because you are in a state of transition, you are leaving a 3rd dimensional frequency behind and entering a 4th dimensional frequency,

What this means is that your soul is now shedding the old energies ‘emotions’ traumas ‘karmic imprints from many past lives and this lifetime,

it’s extremely important at this time that you have awareness of what is happening within your soul it’s time to listen to your inner voice’ to your higher self’ and your angels and guide for guidance that is constantly surrounding you ,

To be able to shift into the higher frequencies that you desire you now need to work on healing your heart chakra because this chakra holds many years and lifetimes of pain and this is where your healing begins ,it’s time to go deep into your heart and surface these emotions and yes child this is a painful process ! it is not easy but the angels will assist you in letting go ‘you need to stand in your power and be the master of these emotions you need to release them out into the universe to be transmuted into positive energy only this way can you truly ascend into the light beings that you are meant to be’ it’s time to let go ‘let go of the past and all things that no longer serve you

So many of you are now ready and we see this! You want to go forward into the light and for many of you this is the last stage of your healing, you are already experiencing ascension symptom’s some of you will be experience recurring traumatic dreams! Old memories will be resurfacing’ past relationships that you had long forgotten are now re-entering your life ‘ this is all part of your healing so look deeper into what you are seeing and experiencing be ready to let go or forgive only then will you truly step forward .

I am Archangel Chamuel

And will gladly assist you if you call upon me

Channeled by Charleen Anna Louise





I am Archangel Raphael I speak through you today dear one

So many of you live in pain when there’s no need, all you need to do is raise your frequencies” to the higher” vibration” of love”” which is what your soul is made of, when raising your frequencies to the vibration of love  you can heal all pain and physical symptoms in the human body so how do we raise our frequencies to love.

We need to open our hearts we need to open the heart chakra and connect to the source of what is, the god source which is what you are made of and if you connect with god source then you are one with god and this way you can heal physical human symptoms, depression’ can be gone pain’ can be gone suffering’ can be gone.

It’s all about love, many angels are working with me now to assist humanity  and we are here to help as your soul ascends to higher frequencies  which is love in the 5th dimension, opening your hearts will make this process much easier for you, many healers are walking around charleen’ is one of them, the planet is covered with healers  to help open the hearts and help you to ascend and understand ascension’’ it’s all about education’ research ‘’everything is here and simple when you know how and have the tools ,you can call upon me Archangel Raphael and I will gladly heal your heart’ and pain’ and depression ‘ guide to you better health’ better food’ and motivate you to take care of your human vessel your body so your soul can thrive.

I will always assist and every time anyone call’s my name I will be there by your side.

Looking after the soul should be done daily it should be part of your life  ‘education on the chakra system and how the energy flows through these chakras and how it effects you emotionally and physically ,the more research you do as humanity the more enlightened you will be come and the more enlightened you become the more at peace you will be because you will truly be finding out who you are why you are here and what your purpose is, this can eliminate depression’ pain’ and suffering’.

So my words to you and everyone that’s reading this message is to open your hearts to the spiritual side of yourself and explore, have no fear.

Dear ones you are so loved, call upon your angels and guides we are only thoughts away

You are loved

I am Archangel Raphael

Channeled by Charleen Anna Louise





Be strong dear ones don’t  let the pain and darkness of this world drag you down , all light workers that came to this planet to assist in earths ascension  all came with the abilities’ the tools ‘the preparation from many lifetimes you came to assist at this time because  you are ready your are prepared dear ones , we know it hard we see its hard  with so much pain and evil upon your planet but there’s equally or more amounts of light and this is what you need to be focusing on’ concentrating on .

If you focus on the dark the evil and the pain on your planet then this will become your reality , you will attract more of this you will see more of this so I come to advise you to turn off your TV’ stop buying papers’ stop searching the internet for negative situations and turn off all of this and put your energy into surrounding yourself with people of the light ,  the angels are here to assist you shielding and clearing your energy field ,remember laugh in the face of darkness because the light is about to win the war ,it may seem dears ones that you are living in darkness because  most things are  highlighted more through your media .

there is an awakening happening on your planet this has been planned for many eons and now is the time for your earth  to ascend into the higher frequencies ,the fifth dimension which means all light workers and many other humans will be ascending ,and transmuting lower energies and ascending along with earth ,when we ascend it doesn’t happen in 24 hours it happens over time and is a beautiful experience ,we are leaving the old 3rd dimensional  world ‘of fear pain worry and ascending spiritually into a place of happiness and bliss,

Many people are ascending millions of people are ascending  and remember each person that ascends anchors more light and this planet will be light and drown out all darkness ‘nothing will stop this your  governments will not stop this ,they are afraid  they know they will try to stop you ascending by using the media and papers through fear, but you have a choice to turn away from that and focus on what  brings you happiness, it will feel some days that things are getting worse and you won’t be able to cope with the situations that you’re faced with  and things will probably get worse for a while as mother earth ascends into the higher dimension,

Lots of old lower negative vibrations will be released to make way for the new  energy the new vibration which is love and peace ,but for these lower energies to be released they have to surface [ an example ]  is if you was let go of an emotion in your physical and emotional body this emotion would have to come to your mind  from the subconscious or the conscious and you would have to surface this emotion  acknowledge this emotion to then be able to let go’ release and this is the same for mother earth  the pain the horror the misery the darkness needs to surface for earth to let go of ,it will seem as though you are living in what you call hell on earth but we can assure you that this will all lead into a beautiful planet light workers are hear working hard and this message for light workers who feel as though they are struggling right now and don’t want to be hear on this planet because it’s too painful ,we ask you to be strong have courage because  humanity needs you the earth needs you and you have to think about the future ,this all for the future  and of course the present  but humanity in the future ,animals in the future and what you do now  will prevent such painful acts .

remember this ‘  the angels the archangels your guides the masters and god are all here to assist you through these times ,just call upon us to give you the tools and the strength and to shield you.

when you go into depression into the darkness you disconnect from us but what you need to do is connect more with us so remember these words  when you are in darkness don’t disconnect from us  connect more with us’ you are loved you are blessed to experience these changes and if you only knew how important your work was,

I am archangel metatron

Channeled by Charleen Anna Louise




Ashtar3 with hand star


I am Lord Ashtar from the galactic federation of light ,we are here to assist you and have been here since the day you were born ,a contract was made for you to be a conduit between the words  to bring enlightenment  and a higher consciousness of knowing of our races all other beings on all other planets and star systems ,Mother earth right now is in distress many souls are here and many souls are coming to assist earth in her ascension and we are here with you child to help you through this , you are not alone even when you think you are you are never alone .

You are watched by many civilizations rippling out into the universe and we all applaud you for you courage your strength  your motivation and the love in your heart  the purity in your soul we see the purity in your soul you are a warrior a star seed blue ray warrior  you work for the galtic federation of light and have done for many many eons ,you are here child to bring acknowledgement ,to break through the steel barriers  to open path ways to cut down thorns  you are here to enlighten humanity of what is to come ,we see the destruction we see the pain the murder the horror  and the fear and it brake our hearts to see this for all the light workers of the galactic federation of light and through the universe on all other planets have all ascended to higher vibrations of love and don’t know anger don’t know fear  or murder .

What we see hurts our hearts every day ,we know how you feel because we feel it, mother earth feels it and god feels it and this is why your job is so important ,we will keep you strong we will give you courage we will give you the abundance  we will give you the strength the determination we will give you the power  and enhance your healing abilities ,we will work through you for you to do the job that is needed and you will be rewarded  you are loved by many in many dimensions and other planets  you are a master in your work  you was a master when you with us and you have been a master  on other planets , you’ve always been a strong warrior ,you chose to come here because you are the one that can do this job along with many others who you are yet to meet, we will put you on the path of these people. Dear child’ child ‘of god

We love you

We need you

I am lord ashtar speaking for all of the other light workers on all other planets, we support you on this mission on earth and you will go onto help many people you will ripple out into the universe and the more people you can heal and open the hearts of humanity you along with many others will succeed in raising the vibration of humanity,

Miracles are coming and we can’t wait to be a part of this with you

I send you my gratitude

I bid you goodnight.

Lord Ashtar

Channeled by Charleen




Greetings to all i am the Lord of Arcturus

we the Arcturians and the higher council have heard the thoughts that you have been projecting out ,we thank you for requesting our help

I would like to address the issue about time upon your planet,

We watch silently as you go about your daily activities controlled by time! “we see one thing that is exaggerated and enhanced on your planet  right now and this is time’ when you can truly understand that time does not exist only then will you truly be able to live in the now ,time does not exist anywhere else in the universe ,it was invented by humans  as a form of control ‘

We see you rushing daily ,rushing to your job’ eating at a certain time’ going to bed at a certain time ‘everything that you do is run on time and within this time your true life experience is passing you by ,time is an allusion along with many other activities within your 3 D world this is causing frustrations ‘anxiety’s’ illness ‘and although we do understand and we see it has been going on for many years and that right now in your dimension these are the rules that you have to follow [ for now! )  we are here to tell you times are changing, your world is changing and the universe is allowing you to be more free through ascending into the higher dimension’s ‘you are here to live without been ruled by time ,you are here to walk your true spiritual path ‘of freedom’


Meditation will help you  into the present moment ,not thinking about the past or the future’ just allowing you to live in the now the present I am , as you ascend into the 4th and 5th dimension you will notice that time no longer exists it will no longer be  a part of your personal world ‘ you will start to see others around you controlled by time and you may feel confusion’ in these times we ask you to stay grounded and allow yourself to slowly adjust to these changes around you  ,for the ascended ones it will truly feel like walking on air in your own world ,many of you now are starting to wake up and feel that this situation with time is wrong! A strong knowing that something is changing within you’ a life style with routine that you have lived for so long will all of a sudden shift and you will find yourself resenting this situation ‘you will feel confused and no longer have any desire to work like a conditioned robot!

This is called the awakening ‘the ascension of humanity and earth and we ask that you embrace these changes ,be gentle with yourself and call upon your guides and angels and God ,you are all surrounded by love and many beings are here to help you with this transition .

The Arcturians are waiting for your call and will not intervene until you call them.


I Lord Arcturus offer the Arcturian Download to anybody that wishes to connect with us on a deeper level.

Please make sure you are comfortable relaxed and take a deep breath,

Call upon my name (Lord Arcturus)

And ask me to give you my Arcturian download

Allow a couple of min for this energy to come through your crown chakra

And it’s all done,

We send blessings

we are all one

Lord Arcturus

Channeled by Charleen Anna Louise




Walktalk&breatheangels's photo.

After a 8 week rest from the internet ‘I had some down time due to the fact that we couldn’t get a connection’ I now know that spirit intervened so that I had time away. Over the xmas period 2015 I crawled back into my cave’ I didn’t want to be a part of the world’ I couldn’t function in the way that I use to and I didn’t understand why’ it felt as though I was going through the dark night of the soul again! Spirit told me I was going through another transition! Really!! How many of these transitions do I have to experience’ I was shattered and wanted to throw the towel in! ego got a strong hold of me and I felt as though I had failed in some way’ I could not see the work that I had done all through the previous year’ I couldn’t see the light that I had spread or the people that I had healed ‘ I felt separated ‘lost’ and in despair because my mission working for spirit is all I know and here I was thinking about quitting my mission’ I spent several hours on the bathroom floor’ I’m not sure why but I always go to the bath room ‘ it feels like a place of comfort ‘my healing temple’ I cried a lot on this particular night ‘now I know it’s because I was shedding more of the old me’ my eyes were puffy and red ‘I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise myself at all! I prayed hard that night’ I told spirit I’d had enough and that someone else can do my job and all the time that I was talking ‘I felt the archangels surround me and my angels and guide’s ,

it was getting rather crowded in the bath room’ I felt strong love and the presence of all my spirit team with me ‘ I remember asking or maybe telling them that in order for me to continue ‘they must step in’ I needed new experiences ‘new tools to work with ‘I needed to feel like I was moving up the ascension scale and evolving’ and I told them that this would be the only way that I would continue’ sounds harsh but at that time I was serious! The spiritual tools that I currently work with are great but I needed something more advanced’ as a soul healer ‘I needed more ‘I continued to cry and release my emotions, and showed gratitude for spirit at the same time as I knew they were helping me.

3 days later I was answered! , because my vibration was so low, I couldn’t receive messages at all so they did the next best thing and channeled someone I know ‘ this special person bought me a book called Attune to Divinity by Mariah Wind song and everything changed from there’ since then I have been in contact with her and I have been attuned to master level in { My soul lineage genetic integration } which is working on the genetic codes ‘ the blue print of the soul’ I have also been studying a lot more advance ways of healing which is what I asked for . Because of the ascension of the human soul’ many people are in need of soul healing and that’s what my mission is’ since I have been studying this book and attuning myself to more advance frequencies ‘my life has changed again’ I haven’t looked back and my abilities are just going from strength to strength’ I am back where I need to be but more advanced.
You are probably wondering what this image is above! Since I have been using more advance tools ‘I myself have expended and I’m now doing a lot more channeling work ‘ I don’t really have a choice with this’ lol’ they bring the knowledge and I receive it . Below is the De Coding of this light language when I channeled this it was trance channel’ which means that the light being that was with me’ worked through my arm and hand ‘ the first thing that I noticed with this image is that it is split into sections [ 8 sections all together and 8 circles and the numbers 2’ 3 ‘7 & 9 in no particular order I have explained the meaning of this image that was channeled through me by a 6th dimensional light being who goes by the name Zourdous ‘these light beings are working alongside the Archangels & Ascended Masters and many other light beings from the brotherhood of light ‘ the Galactic Council  of light .
We have 8 sections and 8 circles which represents infinity’ freedom’ inner strength ‘self-confidence and an increase in energy and focus’ for many of you that are taking your spiritual path seriously and climbing up the ascension ladder ‘it’s good to know that this energy from source is guiding you and helping you along the way ‘be prepared for this shift / increase of energy’ its powerful and if you are not aware of this then you may find yourself ungrounded ‘ out of sync with your body’ confused’ this energy that is entering the planet right now has a force behind it’ and will push you where you subconsciously want/need to go’ or consciously! ,if you are not aware of this happening then you may find yourself resisting’ this can then make you feel as though you are walking in muddy waters or going against the tide’ your life may seem sluggish ‘slow and you may become frustrated ‘ the energy of 8 is asking you to pay attention ‘ you have been prepared for whatever it is that is going on in your life’ or whatever it is that will come ‘you are being asked to have confidence’ as you move up the dimensional scale of ascension and align yourself with your higher self and God

Now let’s look at the number 3
Represents trinity ‘receiving divine protection ‘help and guidance
You have many angels and guides around you at all times’ especially now, we see you and hear you’ we are letting you know that we can see you are uncertain about your future’ you feel slight fear and you are not quite sure who or what to trust ‘ it will be a lot harder for you to go forward into these new energies if you are resisting’ and when you are unsure and not trusting ‘you will be resisting’ we want the best for you and want you to understand that you will be helped all the way if you allow ‘us to help . Self-confidence and trusting your own abilities is something many of you are having issue’s with’ we want you know that you are fully empowered and have prepared for your mission the energy of number 3 is highlighting that this is time of great expansion and spiritual growth for you ‘and you have nothing to fear ‘it’s important to express yourself through anything creative ‘holding back on your creativity will only cause a block ‘this is a great time you’re your emotional’physical’and spiritual manifestation! The energy that you are coming into has a great power and if you become one with this energy then what you desire will manifest . Many of you are coming into this powerful energy ‘you can feel it! And many of you are already living in it’ we want you know that many Ascended Masters are with you and are willing to work with you ‘ they will help you find the divine light within and the light within others ‘ allow the ascended masters energy to guide you ‘ they have heard your prayers! You will be answered ‘sometimes not in the way that you would think’ this is where you are being asked to trust and allow what needs to happen

Number 2
Represents another energy that is coming to you’ this energy is working with you and helping you to not be controlled by 3rd dimensional material items or systems that keep you from ascension’ this energy is strong but gentle ‘allowing you to make your own mind up ‘it brings balance and peace you are being asked to stay your authentic self ‘be true to who you are as this is very important’ many of you will go through huge changes and the only thing that will get you through is being true to you ‘it’s important to know that patience and intolerance on your side is needed as you are becoming more and more sensitive ‘ this can create frustration and anger when around others ‘ you are being asked to stay balanced ‘calm and compassionate as you ride these waves , opportunities are coming for you as you grow but you may feel unqualified ‘ this will be your test! For you to go forward you must be brave ‘you are warriors’ you are prepared ! As you grow spirituality and become more sensitive you may become angry at the world ‘and send out the wrong energy’ we encourage you to stay focused on your path no matter what ‘we see that it can be extremely difficult in the physical but we are here to support you’ stay strong and pursue your mission.
Number 9 is the universal love and faith and all about enlightenment and spiritual awakening ‘ you are awakening to serve humanity ‘you are light workers and you know it’ this is a gentle reminder of who you are and why you are here ‘ you are to lead by example’ be the light’ we see that many of you are struggling with this ’ it’s easy to be nice to other nice people’ or to be an example from a distance on your social network’ but we are encouraging you to open your heart even More to everyone that needs you’ to be an example means being different and this is where you strength is needed’ you are different ‘ you are different for a reason ‘this Is part of your mission ‘ you are also being asked to look at your life right now’ changes may need to take place in order for you to grow’ .

Number 7 We are happy with how you are evolving’ you are making so many life changes’ small and big ‘ you are honoring your souls mission and we congratulate you on this ‘ you are on the right path ‘ all we ask now is that you expand your knowledge and learning so you can understand more about what is happening ‘ it’s a great time to focus more on your personal spiritual development which will enhance you in all ways we are supporting you all the way
Circle The circle is a symbol of the universe and represents wholeness’ perfection’ never ending life, infinite’ eternity’ and timeless it is seen as a divine sacred sign it symbolizes the way the universe includes everything and you are part of that everything’ we are here to tell you that you are part of the universe and the universe is calling you’ as you ascend higher you will feel this divine energy run through your being and activate any dormant DNA your cells will be cleansed and you will expand beyond anything you have experienced before’ our message to you through our light language symbol means just what you have read’ we hear you’ we see you’ we are supporting you’ you are on the right path’ pay attention to this new energy coming to your planet’its powerful! Allow this energy into your soul star which sits just above your crown chakra’ then open your crown chakra and allow this energy to come through you’ walk your path with an open heart and compassion for all things ‘if you are reading this then you are meant to read this’ this message will resonate to the awakened ones who are about to go higher on their journey.

We send our love out to all of you and congratulate you so far on your journey ‘
I am Zourdeous
6th dimensional light being

Channeled through Charleen Anna Louise








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