Charleen Anna LouiseAuthor & Ascension Guide (4)

Singer Songwriter charleen has recorded a new single after a 7 year break! 7 years ago,charleen was the singer/songwriter & manager for a band called Midwezt ( alternative country rock ) which saw them play at the famous Cavern in Liverpool as part of the international pop overthrow which was organised by the USA,Under the boardwalk in Sheffield,the Musician in Leicester,Freedom Bar in Soho London and many other great venues around England as well as festivals, Midwezt were also played on a regular basis on many Radio Stations in the USA, Australia & England, it was one week after the album launch in London 2011 that charleen was guided onto the spiritual path of self discovery,right before the band was due to film their music video and was preparing to play live on the Sky TV country channel.

A new path was shown and Charleen walked away from music and 7 years later here she is! a new sound,new song and new look on life itself,the new song ” JUST KEEP GOING” is a message for all those souls on Earth that are waking up,transitioning into a higher consciousness,it is a message to say ” JUST KEEP GOING”

Charleen is currently writing as a solo artist and working with friends who give their time and talent and bring their light into the recording,things may change and a band may form,either way,charleen is happily sharing her creative light and that,s what counts .

A new song is in the making too!


It,s also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify


I would like to thank some wonderful creative souls who made this all come to life… Thank you to Rich Young.Mick Davison & Mark Davis for helping to make this happen 🙂 Thank you to Roxanne ( TEAM STARSEED) for putting together this video 🙂 Song by Charleen Anna Louise Vocals – Charleen Guitar – Mick Davison Bass Guitar – Mark Davis Lead Guitar – Rich Young Keys – Rich Young Song Production – Rich Young Video by ….