My Soul Lineage Genetic Integration Master Teacher Attunement

My Soul Lineage Genetic Integration Master Attunement

My Soul Lineage Genetic Integration Master Attunement

My Soul Lineage Genetic Integration Master Teacher Attunement include’s:


My Soul Lineage Genetic Integration pdf master teacher manual & distant attunement

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture author of Attune To Divinity

Your Teacher – Charleen Anna Louise

Certificate of completion


My Soul Lineage Genetic Integration assists to remedy the maladies that arise, when a person has been in another embodiment and its genetics are is incompatible with this human bodily form. Often this conflict between the type of physical body form that your soul was accustomed to presenting in, and the human physical body results in excessive allergies, autoimmune, connective tissue, hormonal and fertility issues. The incompatibility can be flushed away using Soul Lineage Incompatibility Flush and integration can happen.

A person’s soul energy, that is you, your spirit, your personality has a very strong influence on your body. It can change how your body responds to not only its environment, but also to the DNA and genetic codes within it. The genetic codes that your soul has stored within it, from any incarnation that any aspect of your soul has experienced can be read by your physical body. Sometimes it doesn’t pay much attention to these codes. At other times, your spirit energy is strongly laden with these codes and your physical body reads them as instructions rather than historical imprints. When the genetic codes and information from your soul’s previous incarnations are received as real as your physical DNA there can be some complications and adverse symptoms.

Soul Lineage Genetic Incompatibilty Flush will flush or drop away any incompatible genetic codes that you may be carrying here, in this embodiment that your body reads from your soul lineage.

You will receive 1 distant energy attunement, 1 pdf Master Teacher Manual sent electronically and a certificate

Please note that if you would like to teach others and attune them to Master Teacher ‘you must hold Usui Reiki master or Seichim Master level .

Once payment has been made’i will then contact you and we will arrange for your Attunement to be sent ‘ more details on this attunement are inside the manual that will be sent out to you

payment can be made on the price link on my website

I look forward to sending you your attunement and helping you on your spiritual journey

Blessings and Love & Light to you