House Cleansing

I’m very excited to offer this service and the reason why is because one of the main jobs that God gave me was to help earthbound souls to cross to the light, Mother Earth is ascending right now ( please see Ascension  ) so you could say shes having a clear out shes ascending into the light and i’m helping in many ways a long with many people around the world to send lost souls home and rid earth from negative souls , I help them  to continue on there souls journey and it is truly an honer for me to do this work.
In my experience of dealing with spirits in homes , many would say haunting’s but that word just makes it feel scary when in fact it’s not , we need to remember that we too are spirits but we live in our body and they have left there’s, spirits most of the time just want to go to the light but yes’ of course you get the ones who like to stick around! maybe they use to live in your home and they can’t let go or maybe they like your energy so they stick close or maybe they’re children who want to play tricks and even ancestors can come through and yes some do have anger and would love to cause you fear!!   most of the time these experiences are harmless and for me i don’t mind because this is my work and i’m use to feeling and seeing spirit around me but if your not open to this and don’t have the knowledge about this then it can become a serious issue for you! and your family.
I’ve witnessed people nearly going insane! because they thought demons were after them or spirits were trying to harm them or possess them because they felt them pushing or poking and even scratching!’ but still to this day i have yet to go to a house and find that this is actually happening to the people,
What i find is that the house has indeed got spirits living there but these spirits are desperate to go and will doing anything to get your attentions, once they notice that you know that they are there and you can feel there presence then they will become stronger in showing themselves and this is where the whole fear kicks in and things get out of hand ! usually with the person just holding fear .
You can try different techniques to get rid of them but to be honest i really feel you need a professional because if they’re earthbound then they won’t go away ,

This is where i come in

I’m willing to travel even fly! if cost of travel is covered
I will come to your home and the first thing i will do is tune in to see who is in the house and i usually pick up on any thing that may have happened in this area ,
one area that i found myself in had been a war ground lots of deaths and that night i crossed over 100 souls that were congregating in one house because the person living there picked up on their presence!
  • I will then cleanse and sage smudge every room in the house
  • I will work with the Archangels and Ascended Masters and God to clear your home and seal it with protection,
  • I will cleanse you and remove any unwanted attachments
  • and from your family
  • I will help you to recover from your traumatic experience
  • I will give you more of an understanding about spirit
  • and teach you how to protect your self and family
  • and how to work with the most powerful Archangels
Your home will be clear
You and your family will be clear
and you can enjoy the new energy in your home feeling safe
If needed i can bring in a second person for this for more power
I  can cleanse offices / Big buildings / Castles / any old buildings from different century’s pubs Absolutely any place  that you feel needs spiritual help , i have no fear only passion and experience .and a job to do .

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