Past Life Soul Healing

I absolutely love doing Past Life healing because I’ve witnessed amazing results in peoples lives in a very short space of time .

I feel blessed to have been given this gift of connecting with spirit in this way.

I have my very own way of doing this work and i have many moments where i sit and try to understand about the work i do and the way i do it! I don’t hypnotize you or read any cards and while i believe this way works for many people i feel i work on deeper level of soul healing .

What i do?

First i will ask my spirit guide Kitchi to bring forward any spirit from your past Life that want to bring information through about you and what happened to you,

If you were a witch in a past life and burnt at the stake then i’m 100% sure in this life you will have trauma from this or phobias ‘ fears’ or anxiety’s ‘ that will be preventing you from moving forward and evolving as a soul and maybe preventing full ascension for you(please see ascension for more info )
you need to clear out the old to make way for the new! .
I have many past life witches guided my way!

Once I’ve connected to spirit from your past life i will then communicate with them to find out who you were and where you lived and what happened to you so we can identify the trauma .

I will then spend some time using the emotion code to identify the emotions & energy that you trapped related to this trauma ( please see Emotion Code in my other sessions for more detailed information about what it is )

Once i have all this information i will then arrange a Skype meeting for one hour where i will tell you all that i know.
and this is where the real healing begins

I will then need you to fully relax while i tune into you we will become one ,once i feel connected and tuned in i will then start to release these Past life emotions/blocks by running a small magnet over my head this is called proxy healing ( Distance Healing)

What will you feel?

You will feel a release but this all depends on how sensitive your are and how deep the emotions / trauma you are carrying !

after i have release all the emotions / energy i will finish with some Angel Therapy using Archangel Michael to clear any negative blocks and cut any chords and Archangel Raphael for some Heart Chakra Healing .

What happens next?

The energy that i release will take a few days to come away from your body and in this time you may feel some of these emotions or feel sleepy ,you may feel nothing at all, i recommend to drink lots of fluid to flush away toxins and help it pass quicker , you will feel the different quite quickly and this will help you to move forward on your mission .

One session can be enough however i have worked on clients doing several sessions over time ,

this all depends on how you feel, and remember this is one of the most beautiful healing’s you can do for your soul .

to clear many past Lives of Karmic trauma which is allowing your soul to be free and evolve to higher levels!

I recommend this healing session for people who are really struggling in this lifetime, you can’t move forward and you hold fear about so many things or maybe you just know you have past life problems

Past Life Soul Healing

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