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Who is your Spirit Guide?

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Spirit guides are incorporeal beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life.  They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate.  Your higher self helps select these guides, who help us while we are living out our incarnation.


Some guides will stay with you throughout your entire life, and others will pop in every now and again to help you with specific areas of your life or goals you are trying to achieve.  These guides are at varying levels of consciousness themselves.  Some may be highly ascended masters (such as Jesus) and others might be your average spirit who just happens to be a master in a certain area. Or past life family members! My main Guide is a Native American Indian called Kitchi who was my grandfather from the 17th century

The picture below is what he looks like ,he’s an old soul ,  They may be spirits who have had physical incarnations, or they might be spirits who have never taken corporeal form. Some of my guides are from other star systems! please see my Starseed link for information about this . Relatives in spirit can also come to guide , Animals can also be guides ,But you have a main one with you until the end , When it’s time for your spirit guides to help you, they tune in to your energy and help direct you to fulfill your earthly mission.

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Spirit guides can see what’s going on in our lives, and when it’s time for them to actually guide and/or intervene they have several ways they can accomplish this.

I will go into detail about this in my workshops .


Kitchi is my guides name it means Brave ,he’s from the 17th century and from a senaca tribe he was chief and a very old guy when he died ,He was my grandfather and i was a boy called Tiz ,I was killed young for having the gifts that i have today!  Kitchi is my best friend and he guides me everyday and will do until the end ,he will be presant at all my meet your spirit guide workshops .


Animal Spirit Guides

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What are animal spirit guides?

Animal guides are also called animal totems. They are animals that help to guide us in life. There are always animal spirit guides with us, but just like with angels, some of the guides are here for a brief moment to give us a message, and some are with us for life.



How do you know what the messages are from the animals?

My first experience of seeing animal guides were clairvoyant  ,i would just be sitting and relaxing and all of a sudden i would see a wolfs face in my third eye and this was picture perfect! i would then Google wolf animal totem and the message that came with these animals would always match my situation at that time ,
I would also have physical animals crossing my path on more than one occasion  randomly and in unusual places so again i would also research the meaning ,
now in my present time i have 4 animal totems
these are real animal spirits and i see the energy of the wolf all the time hes walks on my right side ,he was even caught on camera!! please look at the picture below of me doing my moon meditation at 3 am on the right side of the picture just above my arm you will see wolf ,his snout eyes and ears

I also believe that our pets can be past life ‘reincarnation’ of people we knew!


How can an animal guide help you?

Animal guides are here to help you. Just like the native Americans realize how valuable the animals are in our lives, you should, too. Just ask for them to guide you in your life and they will. But the key is keeping your eyes open and understanding that things happen for a reason. They can provide incredible insights that will help to guide you on your path in life.

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