‘From the day I have met Charleen over a decade ago, I knew there was something very special about her. She had this zest for life, the glow in her eyes, and irresistible aura around her, you could not just walk by and not notice her inner and outer beauty. She was (and still is) very special, and I could see it straight away. I still remember the day she said to me, a good few years ago ‘you would not believe what happened, I am talking to Angels’, and I said ‘I do believe, I always knew you are being prepared for something’.

She always took good care of her body, diet and spirit; the exercise, cleansing, purification, and meditation were important parts of her daily routine.

I had the privilege to see her growing and opening, like a blossoming of the purest lotus flower.
I attended many of Charleen’s workshops, and I see the transformation that takes place, how she grows in confidence, courage and wisdom; every workshop brings something new and unique, none are exactly the same.

The latest workshop was phenomenal. The energy of the group so pure and ever expanding, the energy of the beings working with the group – out of this world (no pun intended).

Charleen is a great teacher and leader, she truly embraces her mission of uniting like minded individuals, and helping them to find their way through the hard times in a safe manner. When attending her workshops one cannot leave without being highly expanded by the Light, and enlightened, feeling born anew, cleansed and ascending. She has this ‘magical aura’, and her presence makes one feel like if they were blessed with ‘a magical fairy dust’, forever changed.

I watch with amazement how she grows and transforms, every year her vibration goes higher and higher, there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind she will be the one to ascend in this lifetime, and that all she does at the moment is just a preparation for much greater things that are to come, as her mission just started and constantly unfolds new pieces of the puzzle for her to discover.

One may not help but admire her and love her, as she Loves all of us, and All That Is.
She is a true Lightworker, and great example to all of us, how the persistence and hard spiritual work can change and transform one’s life. She not only encourages us all to do the same, and shows us the steps to achieve that, but supports the collaboration and growth of her fellow lightworker businesses by supporting and inviting them to share their own gifts and talents on her pages, and during her workshops. Being able to share my Sacred Activations on Charleen’s workshop was an amazing experience I will never forget, I feel so privileged.

I take my hat down, and bow in respect and great admiration to her work, as I know ‘All That She Is’ she achieved on her own, through her own hard work, determination, the trial and error, and the help of no-one but her guides and teachers in Spirit. For me that is a true Mastery.

I love you Charleen, and admire your work. May God’s Love and Blessings be with you every day of your path, so you always feel supported on your mission, no matter what circumstances unfold and how hard it may seem at times.

Much Love and Light.


I attended Charleen’s inspirational Ascension Workshop on Saturday in London and once again I came away feeling elated with my head bursting with information. I have been alL togEther to 3 of her workshops and I must admit this one was the most powerful, I came away with so much knowledge and the attunements were so powerful I needed to sleep through them. Charleen is a beautiful lady with an amazing ability to present to everyone in a easy understandable way, stopping to allow us all to ask questions which is a great help. I have been to other spiritual workshops before which I have found at times difficult to understand, but Charleen is very knowledable and gentle and accepts everyone for the unique spirits they are. The size of her workshop was just right as it enabled Charleen to work with the all different energies in the room allowing us all, not only to feel at ease, but to bond and learn from one another. I would like to thank Charleen for not only for this wonderful insightful workshop but also to thank Barbara for her powerful attunements and also to everyone else who helped her. I am looking forward to hearing about Charleen’s next event and to carry on watching her videos on YouTube and well as following her great FB posts.
Sue Toomey

Thank you so much charleen for letting me attend you’r workshop in london ❤️ It was a great distance to travel for me, but I’m so glad I did. Iv never experienced such love, positive vibes and great company from an unknown bunch of people, that im honoured to call my soul tribe and new friends❤️
You opened my heart, mind and eyes with you’r knowledge, wisdom and kindness. The activation from yourself and Barbra has changed my life over night!!! I now walk forward with a changed outlook for my mission as a lightworker, and all because of you ❤️ You’re my hero and a beautiful soul. Words cant describe how blessed and grateful I am for you’r role in my life now and in the future. I thank you to the universe and beyond with great love ❤️ xxx Jessica


Thank you so much Charleen for such a powerful workshop????thank you to Veejay for beautiful breathing excercise???? and thanks to Barbara for the activations. We are so grateful to you Charleen, you have changed our lives for good:) whatever you are doing does mean a lot to us????thank you is not enough, but you deserve more than that:)) Charleen all your workshops are so powerful and beautiful.We are so glad that we are part of your soul tribe. We are so blessed to have you in our lives????thank you so much for always being there for all of us????????we love you Charleen ????may God bless you with all the happiness and success you deserve ????lots of love and light,blessings and Angel hugs to you:) Sanjeeta❤️jasdeep

workshop testimonial

..oh my what an amazing day! Thankyou so much to Charlene at Walktalkbreatheangels for allowing us all to come together at her workshop for such amazing love , teaching ,activations,knowledge and healing … seeing familiar souls and meeting new ones …to Barbara for new activations and veejay for calming us all with beautiful breath work , showing us how so many loving people can work so beautifully together enabling us to receive the best gifts possible . Zoe and mary lou for their hard work with organisation and technical work .. and all the loving souls that helped us receive such magic… the warmth and love felt from everyone is amazing, finding soul family and people who understand what you are going through is a wonderful feeling ,feeling blessed .
Charlene teaches with such passion from her experiences truly from her heart , with love and grace,with down to earth normality explaining things easily for people at the beginning of their ascension path , with no judgement, realising that that we are all at different levels of growth and understanding .Charlene and WTBangles literally is a gift from God lighting the way… Charlene there are no words that are enough to thankyou .. angel hugs and blessings to you all xxx Sharon xxx


Thank you, Charleen and Barbara for the amazing workshop. You both are truly amazing and wonderful. I am so happy that I was able to attend. Thank you. I am so happy to have met so many wonderful and beautiful people. Thank you. Angelic blessings. Maria


Charleen I would like to say a massive thank you to YOU for all the dedicated downtime of hours and love you put in to bring such an important incredible,powerful, Workshop in London on the 10th September 2016 ???? Your Love Passion Dedication is so profound in all that you do ????You Truly are mesmerising to watch as a true Authentic Soul, to bring something as special as you did on Saturday ???? This comes from Great Strength Experience & a true Christ Lightworker; During all your “UPS AND DOWNS ” You showed that you really are a True Professional Teacher and you are more than ready for your next journey in meeting your Global Audencince ????There truly is such more to you that not many people get to see or experience, I myself feel both blessed honerd and Humbled to have shared a small piece of your time wisdom love & Life ???? Charleen every tiny detail of the workshop will of the up most perfection of a Professional Teacher ???? from choosing the place date to the Beautiful Ladies who assisted you???? Barbara with her Special Sacred Activations, OMG!! LOVED IT MAGICA STILL BUZZING!! ????VEEJAY with her infectious smile & Laugh & taking us through the breathing technique Brilliant Love it!! ???? Mary – Lou and your IT Skills and slides you helped Charleen with its amazing to watch you???? Plus we got to finally meet you yayyy!! Magical ???? OMG!! ZOE to watch you with such passion in your heart to get the filming pics right was again was just Magical!! Seriously Ladies you should be extremely proud of yourself some ???? Charleen you selected some Highly Advanced Special Ladies to assist You, Well Done to each and every one of You! ????Everybody’s warm welcome Hugs and Love simply flowed throughout the day ???? How you simplify everything when taking us through everything takes from experience yourself to deliver with skill, Brilliantly Done!!????Loved meeting our Soul Tribe again all the beautiful Hugs & Love it was so beautiful to watch everyone just embracing each others energy Priceless ???? Charleen Armitage I think you are now ready for the next chapter in your Life wishing you every success that is available to you now in going forward with your GLOBAL AUDENCINCE Big Healing Hugs Hun As Always xXx


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