I’m a sufferer of depression and Reiki has changed my life. it works on my heart and my mind and clears out negative clutter , i can actually feel this as the energy travels through my body , i feel more at peace with myself and the world and i feel stronger. Charleen is much more than Reiki she is a support and gives great guidance, thank you.


Steven ( midlands UK )

I started out a little skeptical but after receiving Reiki and distant Reiki with Charleen i’m totally overwhelmed by how effective this work is ,i really felt the energy move through my body , i have suffered from arthritis for years and this is helping alongside my medication to control pain amazing

Lynn ( London UK )

I’d been suffering from a bad shoulder for months and was desperate to sort this out as it was affecting my work as a make up artist, Doctors couldn’t do anything for me so i decided to try reiki , after one session i noticed a big difference and after several sessions i’m happy to say that the pain in my shoulder has reduced immensely .

Claire (London UK )

Reiki has enhanced my life tremendously, it has helped me feel more relaxed and more focused, I am rarely ill since having regular Reiki sessions with Charleen, I can manage stress with ease and can’t live without my Reiki sessions it’s a beautiful gift.

Kathleen – UK Yorkshire

I love Reiki it’s helping me deal with stress at work and my home life , you are a beautiful warm spirit thank you x

Kim (UK)

I followed the workshop ‘meet your spirit’ via skype with Charleen and it was amazing!! I felt my spirit around me, and then when Charleen said ‘step aside’ I felt the difference when my spirit did step aside, I was speechless by this, and I recommend anyone whose interested to know their spirit to follow this workshop!

Blessings, Graciela

Hi Charleen, Here is a testimonial I would like to share 🙂
I had experienced on several occasions a strong male energy around me. on many occasions this energy would “envelope” around me. It wasn’t scary but it would catch me off guard and was quite strong. It certainly made me aware it was around. I shared this with Charleen and she tuned in and advised me that it was a male energy, a gentle energy,  that was a spirit who was attracted to me, either from a past life or maybe one that found a connection to my energy and decided to hang around for a while. Charleen helped this spirit go “home” and  I have not “felt” the energy since.
I am grateful to Charleen for helping this spirit find he way home. Charleen is a blessing to both the physical world and the spirit world…. A Angel on earth.
Love and Light Dearest

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