I have worked with Charleen on Skype and I got in touch with one of my spirit guides, it is a beautiful lady from the 14th century, she was my mother at that time, we both were witches and burnt together for working as healers, witches at that time. I have always been very afraid to use my abilities as a healer, and I did not know why. After understanding what had happened to me in the 14th century, I understood perfectly.

On the other hand when I was a child, a very nice lady used to visit me, nobody could see her but me, we became close friends and I loved her so much. When I grew up I stopped seeing her but I have missed her so, so much for the last 43 years. Even though I could not see her, I could sense her, but yet I thought it could be my imagination trying to remember the good times I had spent with her. The good news is that she never left, she has been with me all these years, this is why I could feel her, she has been guiding and protecting me. Now we work together and this time nobody will burn us. I did all this work on skype with Charleen, since I live in Spain, so if you are interested in knowing about your spirit guides, do this course. You will just love it and it will change your life. Maria.


If you have never experienced E/C, then I would recommend it. My reasons are the energy of you shifts without you even having to discuss a simple trauma. I have been working with Charleen for sometime, as I find E/C simply fascinating. After my first session, I got people randomly commenting…

WOW mary you look like your are glowing, wow there is something different about you. All I can say is it is cleaning up my negative energy space in and around me. I had an very challenging experience recently and with the help of E/C it really helped me to stay completely calm and in control. The problem could of been quite traumatic, however GOD used Charleen to help me get clear. I love it as you don’t need to go into any detail, you get a shift and get clear. I would even recommend it for a maintenance program me , after having several session, invest in your well being and have a monthly top up. After having the clearing session, I always feel lighter, brighter and full of peace.

Of course Charleen is 100% professional and very intuitive for a young woman, she is very passionate about her gift and has a real heart to serve and has her own fascinating testimony.


Mary Dempsey – Confidence Teacher, Mentor, Trainer, Speaker, Author

You are so very, very blessed. Thank you for sharing, Charleen. I feel like crying, it’s so amazing!! I am so happy for you, my friend, to have such amazing connections and abilities within you. Thank God we were brought together by Hiram. You have been a blessing since we met, and you bring such joy and inspiration to me always. May God and our Angels and your Spirit Guide always be with you, blessing you, and helping you always achieve your highest abilities, for your highest good. I love you dearly, my friend. Thank you for sharing this with us, thank you for showing me it was here. Today was actually the day I had set aside for myself to read up on your pages that I’ve missed of late. Big hugs and love to you. This is so cool! I love it! xxx


Charleen is amazing! i booked a session with her for a few hours last week ,she was very reasonably priced and by far the best money I’ve spent in a long time ! the difference in myself is huge even my family noticed a massive difference in me! what we did is she did a full MOT on me she explained what the chakras are and how important they are and cleared them for me then we did chord cutting with AA Michael .turns out i had something not so nice draining me!!!she removed it and i actually felt something pull away ! we did the emotion code and released some trapped emotions and i didn’t have a clue what this was but everything she said was spot on still cant believe it . of course all of this is amazing but she has shown me how to look after myself and how important it is ,i couldn’t recommend her higher i will be seeing her on a weekly basis if shes not booked up shes easy to talk to and i felt instantly at ease a totally happy customer .


This is from one of my clients mums! how nice!!

My daughter told me about this page she’d seen on face book and i told her it was a con and poppy cock! as that is what i believed and would never entertain such ideas ,she persisted and went anyways …as daughters often do ignore their mothers ,she has seen charleen several times and the difference in her is huge i don’t know exactly what they have been doing but she is my happy gorgeous baby girl again she is less stressed happier balanced loving life and i’m pretty sure she looks younger too . So this is my daughters story from the mouth of a skeptic i speak as i find and i am truly grateful for what this women has done for my daughter and i guess what I’ve booked myself a session… guess mums don’t always know best

Friend’s Mum

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