Hey all Had my first Healing Session today with Charleen Armitage Walktalk&breatheangels,Honestly if you are looking for a Kind Hearted,Intelligent,Wise Soul then look No Further,Me and My Mum have been following This lady’s teachings for over a year now,And we have had the pleasure to Work with her,(Emotional codes healing/Angel card Readings/past life Regression type Healing,Distant Reiki,and just General Teachings she has quickly become our GURU) AND MUCH MUCH MORE this LADY IS amazing and full of Energy,Just by Talking with her you can sense Her Power Please LOOk no further you Are blessed to have come across this Amazing Healer . 🙂 I hope to be Sisters with her For ever as I fell we Have so much in common xxxxx

Healing session testimonial

Clive and Myself Are Truly Blessed To Have Found Our Soul Family. This Has Been Divinly Guided With The Help Of Someone Super Specail Whos True Authentic Self Has Melted Our Hearts Simply Because Of Her Huge Heart Of Gold Her Absolute Truth Of Who She Really Is. Of How Passionate She Is In All The Work She Dose. For All The Love Time & Energy She Gives To Us All. She Has Brought Our Soul Family Together We have Meet & Made Such Beautiful Like Minded Soul Brothers & Sister. She Is With Out A Doubt Simply Priceless!!! Thank You To The Amazing Beautiful Gifted Talented Loving Caring ???? Charleen Armitage & To The Silent Nick Who Loves & Cares For This Beautiful Lady For He Himself Is Truly Gifted Talented & Is So Passionate Also About His Love For Planet & The Animal Kingdom. We are Truly Blessed To Be Part Of These Two Amazing Souls Lifes We Are Truly Grateful Humbled & Blessed For Both Of You Thank You To You Both For All You Have Done For Us


Thank you …. To all the amazing people i met over the weekend those who i new from Facebook ….. And the brand new your all amazing in your own special ways loved every minute of time spent with you ….. Extra special thanks to those who brought me dinners and presents one day when i learn to cook …. I will get us a takeaway ???????????????? Thanks everyone for a truly special weekend ….. Thanks for the works  Charleen  your beautiful inside and out and a great teacher …… Thanks

Angel Workshop Testimonial

Thank you Charleen , it was lovely to meet you, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience , just what I needed to get me on the right path , the day spent with you and all the other lovely people will stay with me always and this will be the start of more to come x

Angel Workshop Testimonial

Thanks Charleen for the amazing workshop and amazing tour of Glastonbury! Lord Melcheizadeck (is that how you spell it????) really did slow time down for us! The work you do is amazing and you’ve been such a huge inspiration to me. Love and light. Xxx smile emoticon P.S. The journey home was so smooth! I don’t believe it!!!


Angel Testimonial

Wow! Just arrived home Charleen. How do I put into words the breathtaking weekend with you and everyone I met as well. Charleen thank you for your love your passion your truth your trust and your beauty not just on the outside but the beauty on the inside too. Your beacon shines so brightly. Nick I’m so pleased to have met you & thank you for caring and helping us all today. You made me feel very safe on the Tor. Like Charleen you are alway a very beautiful man with a beautiful soul. I am truly blessed having met every single one of you there. Sweet dreams to you all.

Angel workshop Testimonial

Amazing weekend in Glastonbury with amazing people on a workshop.Charleen Armitage you have blown my mind … you are real , a beautiful person , and most of all the work you do for the world is in powering, up lifting and straight from source.. which is a gift from above.i am very thankful for your time you spend with people and the world doing your amazing work and also for helping to direct my work with pure intent . I am thankful for the girls and guys I have met . And greatfull for the world we live in thankyou xxxx Cliff

Angel workshop Testimonial

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