Charlie, thank you very much for an opportunity to attend yet another wonderful workshop of yours.

It is difficult to find the right words to describe how I feel, as our 3D language is very limited, but I will try.

I loved every single moment of it and felt so privileged to be a part of your beautiful soul tribe.

There was so much to admire that I do not even know where to start. The venue for the workshop was so spiritual and  beautiful, full of high energy. The atmosphere you have created with your prior meditation and music was magical, the energy felt out of this world.

Every step of your workshop was mastered to a perfection, the introduction of each other to break the ice, your own introduction, and breathing exercise, were just perfect way to prepare us for what was to come. And boy, some of us really needed this preparation big time.

The energy of the high beings you brought in to work with and to assist us was felt in the air, the energy of the group was just fantastic, and your painting, which lucky Amanda won, oh my God, I felt memorised by it all the way through the workshop, such an unbelievable power emanated from it.

The teachings, the activations and the knowledge you passed to us all were so potent and so precious, there is no doubt that the spirit chosen the best person possible for the special assignment you have to do. Your sense of humour is unseen amongst the spiritual teachers, and working with such an advanced modalities requires the right preparation and approach, and your is just perfect.

Everything was flowing smoothly from one topic to another, there was a great selection of activations and exercises, spaced out so perfectly, that everyone had a chance to catch the breath and assimilate the energy. In fact before we knew it, the day was over leaving us longing for more! I did not even notice passing of time, all I did notice was the potency of the spiritual energy in the room.

Your attention to details, the handouts you prepared, and a personal involvement with each and every single one of us, and come on, how can you remember all the names, I still do not know who was who(lol)?

The night after the training I felt high, I experienced lots of downloads coming to me, and some beings came to visit me in my dream.

I take my hut off in respect, and I am very grateful that you have taken on your shoulders such a responsibility. I have attended many workshops before, but very few can come even close to yours.

It was my second workshop with you, and I see how much your vibrations raised. I am convinced that the potency of your energy will continue to grow, and soon even more advance teachings will come to be shared with the world. I have no doubt teaching and guiding others is your path, and you do it with such a passion and dedication that we can only feel grateful that you were brave enough to take on the calling you have received form Divine. You are such a blessing to us all, and I wish you always know how much you and your teaching are needed, and appreciated. Please carry on your divine mission helping us all on our path to ascension, and shine your light wherever is needed (and that means a lot of places, so you will be busy). Much love. Basia xx

Angel workshop testimonial

Dear Charleen,
First of all I would like to say biggggg thanks to you for doing such a powerful workshop in Glastonburywe had such an amazing time in Glastonbury ‘it was so magical????Many thanks to you for believing in me,I still remember my first workshop with you in London ,that time I was so nervous ,I had so much fear in me that how would I be able to meet new people there,how would I go alone at your workshop,coz I’m a person who have not been comfortable in crowds and that day you gave me strength and motivated me. You took out my fear that day and hold my hand thank you so much. Your workshops changed my life,today I’m so happy and confident in every way. I don’t fear facing people anymore. I’m glad that I’m a part of all your workshops the way you help and motivate all of us is so brilliantI’m really grateful to God,Archangels,Angels and universe that they have chosen beautiful soul like you to help us ascend. Whatever you are doing for this planet and earth is just amazing. You are so down to earth today me and Jasdeep (my hubby)are so grateful to you and Godwe are so blessed to have you in our life????your workshops are so lovely,there is always something new to learn we always had fun at your workshops. The most magical and intense workshop was the recent one in Glastonbury(Feb) ????During your workshops we get chance to meet beautiful like-minded souls. You are one of the best healers/teachers we have ever known. You take good care of everybody and work closely with everyone,and give equal time to everyone. The arrangements you made in Glastonbury workshop were overwhelming ,we had so much fun with you darlingyou always cared for every single person at workshops. We love you so much Charleen thanks for believing in us and for being there for us and for all your support. Your workshops are so full of energy and love that we can’t miss any of them. My life has totally changed today. Today whoever I’m that’s cuz of you. You always helped me whenever I needed you. Charleen you are not only our teacher, you are our mentor, we are soul families ,we are oneThank you so much for everything we are really grateful to you and Godwe love you Charleen

Angel workshop testimonial

A magical weekend! ????.. Wow where to start! As usual Charleen you made us feel very very welcome with your smile & and infectious laugh, it always puts me at ease, i get flustered & quite shy in groups of people, the people we met at your workshop were so lovely, beautiful souls, some ive met before your at previous workshop & some for the first time & it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with everyone ???? the workshop itself was amazing, you put so much hard work & dedication into them & i have gained so much from what you have taught me at your accession workshop & this one, and for that i am truly grateful. The Ashram is a beautiful setting, from the staff to our room & the lovely food provided we had a lovely stay, so beautiful & to be just at the foot of the Tor,kind of sad not to have woken up there today with everyone We had a really great day with everyone at the Tor, loved the fairy tree,???? we had a really lovely time so many lovely moments, the energy at the workshop was so intense …thankyou to scott & kirsty for the lovely gifts that was very kind of yous..and last but certainly not least i am absolutely over the moon that i was lucky enough to have your beautiful painting , i really cant tell you what it means ????.. Got it home safe & sound on the plane without having to put it in the case ! I cant stop looking at it.. Thankyou again so much for an amazing weekend xxx AMANDA

Angel workshop testimonial

Such a Magical weekend Charleen, Thank You so much for the best workshop ever it’s been life changing. The energy was so powerful so many special moments just loved every moment of it all. Thank you for bringing such beautiful like minded souls together. From the moment we arrived the Magic began Charleen greeted us with the biggest warmest smile & hug ever, Charleen’s personal attention to all who attended was so beautiful to watch & be part of… Meeting all the New Beautiful Souls Thank You All For Being so welcoming… Thank you to Scott & Kirsty for the Beautiful Gifts & to Gemma as well.. Thank you Also to Veejay & Zoe for being there for Charleen & I’d like to say thank You to ashram for allow us into your beautiful space. Much love & Gratitude Charleen missing you all already. Charleen your workshop was Truly Magical look forward to meeting you all again soon. Love light Healing & Blessings  xXx
Bev xXx

Angel workshop testimonial

Such an Amazing weekend Charleen, Thank you so much
The workshop was brilliant as always but much more intense this time! Such powerful energy! I’ve loved Every minute of the whole weekend, made extra special by catching up with familiar friendly souls and meeting new people, the Italian restaurant was fab & funny and today was equally amazing! Loved the walk up the Tor with fabulous views and special energies (the faerie tree experience was extra special for me!)
I can’t spread enough love and gratitude out to you all for such an amazing time, missing your wonderful energies and can’t wait to see you all again soon  Zoe

Angel workshop testimonial

We had such an amazing weekend. Thank you Charleen for organising this wonderful workshop, it was so magical and intense. Have never felt so happy and like being HOME in years. So happy to meet like-minded souls and becoming friends with them. I loved the time we spent together , wish time could stop and we could live there forever lol. Thanks to lovely people in the Ashram for making us feel like home. Loved the walk up to the Tor and feeling the intense energies of Ley lines , specially meeting the fairies, just loved every moment of it, I literally didn’t want to leave. Thanks to Scott, Kirsty, and Gemma for the gifts. Thanks to you Charleen for introducing us to lovely energies and attunements and to fill our hearts with joy and laughter throughout. I can’t wait to head back to Glastonbury again and to meet you all lovely souls . Love you all. jasdeep


Angel workshop testimonial

Thank you Charleen for sharing your beauty and knowledge with us all at the workshop. I felt truly honoured to have shared this day with you all. It was a magical day that will stay with me forever. Thank you for sharing your truth, trust and honesty. The Rays from you light touched every single one of us , for this I will be forever grateful . You are a beautiful lady inside and out ???? xxx tina

Angel workshop testimonial

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